Polaroid P791C specs within Tab 8 review

By Peter Chubb - Nov 27, 2014

The Polaroid P791C Tab 8 specs are a bit of an unknown at the moment because a quick search of the model does not bring any results up in search engines. We cannot even find any reviews on YouTube or from many of the top tech sites, which has frustrated Product-reviews readers. However, we can tell you this model will be on sale at Asda stores in the UK from tomorrow.

We have been on the Polaroid website to see if we can locate this model, but they do not seem to list the model number, although they do have the S8 and A8, which makes us wonder if it is actually one of these models, but comes with a different number because it may be an Asda exclusive.

Parent company Walmart do the very same thing with some HP laptops, so it isn’t out of the question. Below is a screenshot of the deal.

Polaroid P791C specs

Polaroid P791C specs – So one possibility is the S8 8-inch dual-core tablet, with its 8-inch display and the dual-core processor of unknown speed. There is also 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Another model to consider is the A8 with its 1.6GHz processor and 2-megapixel camera, along with comparable features to the model before. Here are more details for the S8 and A8.

We cannot confirm if one of these is the model above, or if it is one we just do not know the details of. However, we can tell you that Asda will be selling this Android tablet for £79 as part of its Black Friday event.

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  • wnt123

    The battery is taking forever to charge and the charger only worked for 2 days. The system keeps on crushing. I guess lm taking it back.

  • Paul

    I bought the 10′ version (P1001), I bought it to test/develop android apps but I can’t enable developer options, has anyone managed to enable developer options, tapping build version 7 times does nothing. I have only the default owner user so it isn’t that.
    Other than that it seems ok.

    • pseudo

      I’ve had the same problem, I just wanted it for the tweaks but it’s still annoying.

      • pseudo

        Mine is the 8 inch version

    • pseudo

      I installed an app from the play store called developer options, it’s a shortcut to the settings, you then click off to on, they don’t appear in the settings but seem to work

    • pseudo

      The app is by singlebyte

  • wnt123

    Bought the 10′ one for £30 more (£109). Most of the specs are the same as the 8′ one except for the 7800Ah High Battery and 2GB Ram Memory. Not sure yet if the price is justified

  • pseudo

    The processor is rockchip’s RK3188
    in antutu benchmark it gets 24279 which puts it between the xiaomi Mi2 and the Lenovo k900
    pretty good overall, screen has good viewing angles and is bright. haven’t tested battery life yet.

    for £79 it’s a steal

    • pseudo

      I’ve tried accessing developer options and the tapping off the build number doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone else had any luck? 😕

  • David

    I picked one up this morning. I’m at work, so won’t be opening it until this evening. Specs on the box though:
    1.6GHz Quad core
    4.4 kitkat
    Capacitive touch 7.85″ HD screen
    2.0MP front Camera
    5.0MP rear Camera
    16GB Internal storage
    1GB RAM
    4500mAh battery

    You may also need:
    MicroSD card
    HDMI – Mini HDMI cable
    Protective Case

    Hope that helps

  • Jerry

    Such a cheap price for an 8-inch Android tablet, and so I aim to be the first one outside my local Asda supermarket ready for when this deal is in store.

    • Maddi

      Jerry did you get one if not I have bought one you can buy off of me

      • lilly

        why do you want to sell it off Maddi?