Mario Kart 7 best price online at Walmart

If you are looking for some new 3DS games to buy in 2014, one bargain that we have spotted is Mario Mart 7. It may be an old game, but it’s still a classic and available with a nice discount online.

After all, Mario Kart 7 is still the second best selling game of all time on the 3DS behind Pokemon X and Y. Who wouldn’t want to add that to their collection if they haven’t played it?

Now you can get it for just $25, as Walmart are currently running an online special on the game whilst stocks last. As far as we’re aware, it is the best price for the game online at the moment.


Best Buy hasn’t even matched the price yet, as we can see that they are still offering the game for $30. If you loved Mario Kart on the SNES, you are going to love this game – regardless of the fact that it’s three years old.

Did we mention that you can play as Metal Mario in this one as well? Let us know if you want to take Walmart up on their offer. Hopefully Nintendo are planning to make Mario Kart 8 on 3DS someday as well, as Wii U owners shouldn’t have all of the fun.



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