Fitbit FB401BK Flex Wristband review excellence

The Fitbit FB401BK Flex Wristband is the black model and to us seems to be the most popular color option, as it goes with whatever you are wearing and does not stand out, which to us is better than a bright one. The Flex is not the newest wearable from the company, although it has been the most popular and reliable.

What we like about the Flex is its cheap price but no compromise on features, and the handy sensor that stays safe within the fitness band, giving you peace of mind that it will not be lost while exercising.

Design – It might be getting on a bit but this is still one of the better-designed fitness bands because it is understated and comfortable. Don’t feel for one moment that it is bland because when was the last time you wanted a bit of bling showing while getting fit?

Fitbit FB401BK Flex Wristband review

There is not a lot to the Flex really, as it is just a band with a clever sensor, but it is the simplicity that really stands out, which you will see in the two video reviews below.

We get to learn the Fitbit FB401BK Flex specs, along with a review of the app and the webpage you can log into in order to download the vitals that have been tracked over the hours, days and weeks.

As for price, it will vary because of its age, although we can tell you that Walmart will start to sell it for just $69 from 8pm today, a saving of $30.



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