Xur loyalty for November 28 to 30

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

The loyalty of players will be tested to see if they hunt the new Destiny Xur location for November 28 on Friday, as the Agent of the Nine will arrive with Exotic items on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The dedicated gamers will be thinking about the weapon he needs to be selling this week until Sunday 30th, also the new exotic items and weapons they have missed out on in the past.

We will be listing these items once revealed on this page and our regular readers know the new Destiny Xur location search starts early on Friday, but this week of course is Black Friday and will test the loyalty of certain players. You might want to skip this weekend and hunt some Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals instead for your new PS4, or Xbox One system. Or, we could see Bungie offer a way to trade strange coins and Mote of Light for a special Black Friday sale within the game.


The armor and other items players want this weekend could be discounted more than usual, especially if Bungie recognize the Black Friday sale within this game. The weapon will be the focus of attention like we see with most weeks, so could we finally see that Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle back with a massive discount as a one-off special on Black Friday? Even if you still need to pay the full price for an exotic weapon, you can be sure we will be one of the first websites to detail what it is along with the Destiny Xur location on November 28.

As normal, the times are expected to be the same with 9AM in the UK and New York seeing Xur arrive around 4AM. The moment this happens, you will find a video featured on this page revealing the new gear and location, so our readers get to see exactly what’s on offer right away.

Is there a weapon Xur must sell this weekend and would you love to see these items given a special Black Friday discount? There’s a number of exotic weapons being mentioned that still include the Ice Breaker for this week, but others would prefer another rocket launcher or hand cannon. What do you want to see? Let us know below.

Update: You can find Xur in the center before Crucible vendor and see a video showing you.

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  • will

    Wow same voidfang gear for a warlock 5weeks in a row i want to see the heart of parxic fire like i been waiting all week just for nothing better refresh the gear for Saturday

  • André Tetrault

    Plan c isn’t bad folks. Give it time, be patient with exotics and try different things with them, you may find that you could actually grow to like it! I really did want the ice breaker this week but we have to remember that the exotics with Xür roll out using a RNG within the code so there is no determinating what will pop up week to week! I know it sucks for the masses but there is no changing that on the server at this point. Something that Bungie could do if they weren’t being lazy (sry) would be to change the refresh of Xür to something like 30 secs so that the stock would show his entire loot table for the weekend… maybe for Christmas Bungie… please! Sorry for the long post all, just my 2 cents.

    • Philmore James

      Its never coming back. It was an aciident for xur to sell it.

      • André Tetrault

        Can you confirm that? What’s your evidence?

        • Philmore James

          I dont need either. I already have it. So you can krep wishing. That gun is op. Zur doesnt sell op guns.

        • butts

          The Last Word,Gjallarhorn,Surfs,Truth.

  • Jay

    Plan C is a great fusion. Xur has come through!

    • Incarnax

      Agreed, first game of PvP went positive

  • primo119

    Thanks for another crucible weapon Bungie u suck. Plan c is trash. Give the ice breaker again. All Bungie cares about is the multi player crucible players. Xur suck it.

    • Philmore James

      Thr ice breaker is never coming back play the raid and nightfall buddy

  • Incarnax

    Voidfang again, really bungie? Keeping all the good warlock armor to yourself I see… Oh well our time will come :/

  • vlad

    He Already spawn Guys. He’s in the hallways going to speak to the vangaurds (under Where iron was at )

  • Incarnax

    Plan C never been before so all good 🙂

  • mach

    Plan C -.-

  • ryan

    Thanks for the worthless stuff bungie.

  • marckevin

    weak there’s nothing great being sold from xur -_____-

  • andy

    Selling Plan C, Armamentarium, Alpha Lupi, and Voidfang

  • Nate

    Whose ready for dlc??? I am!!!!

  • Nate

    I hope he has a black Friday lol 10 coin exotics

  • James Hill

    The Last Word Handcannon is the only weapon i want to buy.

    • Nate

      Yes or red death

    • Incarnax

      Missed out last time so same

    • Brent

      Scored that during the raid this week, not impressed with it

    • audiorago

      I bought that one from him. It’s okay – but I suspect The Devil You Know may be better – a friend has it and it rocks. I am not sure I will buy Plan C. It may be a good one but I am not sure. I already own The Last Word, Patience and Time, Truth and now the MIDA Multi-Tool. I am falling for the MIDA and am using it like it is going out of style to upgrade it and I am almost there. Of my Exotics – I use the MIDA and Truth the most. I do pull out Patience and Time against the tanks since it really wrecks havoc on their legs. I love the MIDA for its’ head shot ability. It is hard to miss with it especially if you are firing from some cover. TLW is nice for its impact – but you really need to work with it because of the recoil. The HC I want is TDYK. Of course the special everyone wants is the Vex M – boy do drool over being able to do VOG on hard level. I just got through it by the skim of my teeth for the first time on normal with a nice group of guys that carried me through. That is what makes this game great – you guys out there. Anyway – anyone need another hand – PS4, mic, plays on Eastern Standard Time – best days Tues. and Wed. with Wed being almost anytime during the day and evening – AnthonyR1969. Please send friend request. I am having some problems with voice – since Destiny is either brain dead on their new beta – or I am. It is probably me, lol. You can invite me to a party though – that seems to work and most of my roster can talk to me on strikes so it should be all okay. I may not be the best shooter – but I will give it my all and support you the best I can and I am always willing to help. This is all just fun for me.

      • Thijs Lammerse

        Destiny is going to bleed out soon.. Everyone I playd with is already bored with it. I expected so much, but it’s just to damn repetitive. Updates should come way sooner to keep player interested.
        And the same sh#t every time doesn’t help.

  • Jesy

    What time eastern standard time

  • Marcus


    • Nate

      Really??? Gahh im not home :(:(:(

    • André Tetrault

      Don’t do that!

  • Dylin

    What time does he appear

    • Nate

      Lol were all staying up to find out lol

    • deeestiny

      in 1.6 h i think

      • deeestiny


  • xR3COx

    I NEED icebreaker! and i missed out on the last work aswell!, i didnt have enough coins because i bought Truth the week before for the sake of just having it… so sad

  • ECC

    Hawk moon!

    • Nate


  • Trent Payne

    i dismantled my ghallahorn 4 some ascendent energy.

  • primo119

    I agree it should be the ice breaker since he has only sold it once along time ago. I think in the same month as the gjallahorn which was only sold once too. But I’m pretty sure Bungie will disappoint as usual and sell another crap gun for the crucible whiners like the universal remote or something like that. Better not be the suros again either. Bungie/xur should sell two weapons a week so there’s 1 for the pvp and 1 for pve players.

  • lobban

    I need warlock helmet to reach 30

    • Incarnax

      Never mind the helmet we need praxic fire 😉

  • Justin Hinckley

    The warlock helm ahmenkhara

  • Lewis

    We should have the ice breaker. Does anyone know the location?

  • Xalrentaru

    Hard Light’d be cool

    • Legendary-_-Hobo PS3

      I got that from the nightfall

  • Incarnax

    Bruh I would pay double the coins just for heart of the praxic fire..

  • Knouna Inc

    Truly, I want an amazing Autorifle, such as the Vex Mythclass please 🙂 or great armor

  • Jay L

    Icebreaker Nd monte Carlo

  • Logan Zimmerman

    I want the gjallahorn or the icebreaker or the hawk moon.

  • Jack

    young ahamkara’s spine.. been waiting for it since the beta… had it last weekend and I missed it.. :/ I’ve got enough too..

  • LordEkard

    Would rather see something never before seen everyone is talking about things they have missed or things that they enjoyed seeing… Show me the money!!!

    • Incarnax

      Plan C

  • Govind


  • Dean200027

    Please last word I’ve didn’t have enough last time and I’ve no luck in crucible

  • akuma

    hawkmoon monte carlo

    • James Cournoyea

      They won’t be up seeing as they are psn exclusive

  • Incarnax

    Everyone wants gjhallarhorn

  • hsjsge

    Red death!!

    • Andy Blades

      Or suros…. tired of being port down by cheesy people that camp with it

  • A

    I’ve completed the raid nightfall blah blah so many times I’ve got 4 mythoclasts. I would enjoy having a gjallahorn. Instead of the 3 icebreakers I have or the 2 multi tools and so forth. Rng doesn’t like me to get new weapons it seems

  • nugs_of_karma

    I bought an invective (shotgun)last weekend. its my baby. I have an exotic machine gun that needs a part from xur, maybe two new exotics this weekend? maybe three?

    • nugs_of_karma

      Check that. I got that in a bounty.

      • jdnajkdnsajk

        invective sucks

      • Andy Blades

        Lmfao i got 2 invective shotgun bounty in one week. If you bought it then that was pointless

    • Dave

      Wouldn’t get too excited about super good advice

  • Incarnax

    Something other than voidfang vestments :’)

  • Incarnax

    Heart of praxic

  • D Sharp


  • Dan Renadette

    or red death

  • Dan Renadette


  • Bwide

    Monte Carlo, hawkmoon, thunderbird, fate of all fools, hard light, or universal remote… The only ones I’m missing! Come on Xur! I don’t think gayest of all fools is officially out but it’s black Friday!

    • Jorge Luis Corrales

      Monte Carlo and hawkmoon are a no go because they are still psn exclusive and as for fate of all fools is a bounty that requires trials of osiris

  • André Tetrault

    Ice breaker hands down! Need that badly!

  • Nathan Evans

    Atheons epilogue would be awesome!,please.
    Or a primary with elemental damage would be a rad gift.

    • André Tetrault

      Grind Atheon. Took me 3 tries to get it. Most ppl get it the first time he falls for them.

      • Nathan Evans

        Dfirst raid run I got vision of confluence,witch is awesome but need void damage for a primary weapon for the last part of thorn bounty, very hard to use secondary weapon like sniper or shotgun, fusion ect in crucible.

    • Jose Alvarez

      He can’t sell Atheons Epilogue or any primary with elemental damage, all the primaries with elemental damage can only be rewarded to you from the raid.

      • Nathan Evans

        I knew that I just really want that gun.

    • Joseph Jauregui

      Xur only sells exotics… That’s a legendary. And raid specific

      • Nathan Evans

        Oh ya! Duh was not using brain,I just really want the atheons epilogue dammit!

    • Andy Blades

      One time in easy raids lvl 29 got the atheons and vision of confluence…. just got my second atheons yesterday and raid chest plate

    • RaLLaN69

      That’s a raid weapon. They wouldn’t sell that, and becides, it’s a legendary. He only sells exotics.

  • superman.42069

    a new auto rifles

  • Jacky

    icebreaker and suros have xur salled two times ! whats wrong with you guys why you dont buy it ! please lets xur sell a new weapen that he never sailed bevore. HARD LIGHT ! or gjallarhorn but gjallarhorn he selled one times at the beginning of destiny…

    • Jacky

      and vex mythoclast is only hard mode raid. Dont talk about her please…thats dump…

  • Sam Robinson

    I want a exotic primary pulse or auto rifle!!

  • Hunter117

    Hope he sales mask of the third man.

  • oG boOTy clap

    Ice breaker hands down. If not vex mytho or gjallihorn

    • Any guy

      The vex is a raid weapon,therefore xur can’t sell it.

      • mat

        The raid gives exotics so why couldn’t it go both ways? You make the rules?

  • Gutz

    I just received the Ice Breaker yesterday in the Vault H/M and its been pretty consistent every weekend, as soon as I get an exotic I’ve been grinding for BOOM Xur hands it out to the masses. I’D lime to see a Gjal

  • meh

    Heart of praxic fire

  • duff

    Suros please or hand cannon

    • Abel Alaniz Weedz

      I got suros yesterday from crucible

  • puckhead

    Ice breaker

  • Jack Sims

    Please sell Gjallihorn! I want that more than any other exotic, please don’t sell the vex that’s a reward for the hardest challenge in the game.

  • DaCool

    I would really want the SUROS Regime I need that gun for the raid and it is just really good overall

    • Daniel Ortiz

      You don’t want the suros for the raid. Atheons epilogue does the job, you want guns with elemental damage. But I love the suros, so get it just because!

      • J

        Vision of Confluence or Fatebringer is better for the raid than the Epilogue.

  • ryqn

    ( Vex myth ) ( Ice breaker ) an there needa to be a primary elemental damage gun ether void or solar.or surose regime would be cool an the warlock helment would be verry awesome. .

    • shadow

      Vex is hard mode reward

  • skill101

    Plan c or gjallihorn definately… no vex leave that for raid… no need to hand out every wep. On the game. But these are very rare items or have not listed from sure to purchase like plan c.. so definately between the 2 if not both

  • Callum

    New Auto rifle please! 🙂

  • sh

    Gjallarhirn!! Cmon already.

  • Captain_KSOY

    Titan Helmet please. Its been a while. Its the only thing needed for lv 30.

  • Patrick Thomas

    Suros regime or the ice breaker would be awesome. I already have 4 vex mytho and been trying to get ice breaker, I really want the ice breaker.

  • weig

    Vex My tho would be sweet

  • Mewes682

    A discount or every exotic available would be a nice treat. But as far a weapons go I want to see that scout rifle back from last week I couldn’t afford it last week and would love to buy it.

  • Thomas Smith

    Gjallahorn or Ice Breaker!

  • blackhawk03

    ya’ll commenting guns that have already been offered by xur. how about frickin plan C or thunderlord?

    • Gutz

      I’ve got two Plan C’s and they are great for nightfalls with arc burn. Great Fusion

  • razz56

    I wouldn’t mind if as a black Friday bonus they add the vex gun for sale lol finished raid on hard 12 times and still no luck lol

  • Jew killer

    Let me know if u find anything

  • adolf hittler

    Anything I can use to shoot jews

  • Brendan Woodward

    Helm of saint 14 and gjala

    • tony


  • kratos

    Gjala and ice breaker please!!!!

  • Sirtristepan

    i need the last word or hardlight…for 13 strange coins please :c

    • Dean200027

      Would love last word

  • FlashDoMM

    Icebreaker plzzzz I’m dying for getting one I have wait so long to get one

  • Ryan

    i really want suros regime and icebreaker 🙂

  • Bill

    There needs to be another hand cannon this week, would love that.

  • Ron

    I have been waiting a few weeks for the Ice Breaker sniper rifle, hope it finally comes this week.