Currys down with ridiculous website queue

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2014

Earlier on we told you about the big problems that Tesco were having with their website and now we can see that Currys are feeling the heat as well. Currys website is down too, but with consumers even more frustrated due to a queue system that the retailer has set up.

We just had a look for ourselves and were placed in Curry’s website queue like so many others. Initially our quoted time was ’10 minutes’ until we were able to access the website – on the supposed busiest shopping day of the year, remember.

However, imagine our surprise when this 10 minutes estimation magically transformed into ‘more than an hour’. We can just picture most of you experiencing the same problems and it is hard to understand why Curry couldn’t have foreseen the extra traffic coming their way.


At the time of writing this, we still cannot access the website as it automatically redirects to the queue process. Even worse, refreshing the page will place you further down the queue – not exactly how many UK shoppers wanted to spend the early hours of Friday morning is it?

Let us know your thoughts on this – have you managed to beat Curry’s mighty queue or are you still in line? We feel for you.

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  • anthony

    what a joke someone should be shot for this shambles. a technology company having to control access to their website. not a clever strategic move more of a marketing plane crash! I went to purchase a new dyson but all this has done is put me off buying from currys and instead get it from somewhere I can actually shop at crazy I know.

  • Catherine Wakeling

    I have been trying to have a look on curry’s since 4pm (after work). Told me 11 mins to queue but that expired and now just a spinning sign. What a pile of horse s**t

  • Maggie Devereux

    This Currys website ‘queue’ looks like a marketing ploy to me. They had it in place yesterday at 2pm when I went there to check a product’s details. I suspect this so-called ‘queue’ may backfire spectacularly – unable to access the Curry’s website, customers will just go elsewhere (It’s not as if Curry’s is well known for its customer service anyway!)

    • Ewen

      Quite right obviously just a marketing ploy….this would just make me go elsewhere. They Are always having a sale of some sort and will only be selling old stock….

  • Matt

    I could get to the store quicker. This system is dumb. I can’t browse the site while waiting. If the checkout can’t cope then close it and leave the shop window open.
    If you’re in a hurry, dont use Curry.