Blaupunkt 50/149Z 50-inch LED TV review with Promo code

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2014

It’s not only US consumers who have an exciting shopping period to enjoy, but also UK consumers too. Retailers over in the UK have also begun to issue discounts on certain products, one of which is the Blaupunkt 50/149Z 50 Inch Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD.

This particular model isn’t usually classed as a ‘budget’ TV, but Tesco has changed that by introducing some serious price cuts on this brand – the Blaupunkt 50/149Z and also Blaupunkt 50/148Z 50-inch LED TV specifically according to a TV advert that we just witnessed.

For those that are interested in buying one, we can tell you that the Blaupunkt 50/149Z specs include a 50-inch LED display which supports a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This is key as we’ve seen that other Blaupunkt TVs do not offer full HD, but 720p only.


Another major factor in this TV is the fact that it comes with a Freeview HD tuner. Again, this is better than other Blaupunkt models which only offer standard Freeview rather than HD.

For those that are wanting to use this as a gaming TV, you’ll need to know that there’s 3 HDMI ports included. The advertised motion rate is AMR100, however there is no confirmation of native refresh rate which suggests to us that it is either 50Hz or 60Hz – just like this popular LG 42-inch TV which is only 50Hz natively.

On a more pleasing note, the HDMI standard is 1.4 rather than 1.3 which is nice to see, while there’s 2 USB ports on board too for those that want to connect external hard drives to this TV.


PC owners will also be glad to hear that this Blaupunkt 50-inch LED TV comes with a VGA port, meaning that you can use this as a secondary PC monitor if you really wish – a very nice option indeed.

As far as we’re aware, this is a brand new model from Blaupunkt in 2014 which has only just gone on sale. As a result unfortunately, we can’t bring you further feedback from other buyers which we usually do since there are currently no other Blaupunkt 50/149Z reviews in sight.

However if you are interested in picking one up this weekend, you may want to try the TDXR-WRTP and TDX-7KPG promo codes online at Tesco’s website for a naughty little discount.

Let us know your thoughts on this model, especially if you have been lucky enough to pick one up recently. Do you think it is worth £250 which is the rumored price point?

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  • Michael Schnetler

    We are extremely pleased with ours, purchased from Tesco in December 2015 for £269 delivered. This monster is on Freeview, plus an xBox 360, making it a ‘smart’ TV. Amazing potential – amazing HD picture. Sound more than adequate. Excellent value. Yes – a ‘no-brainer’!

  • vojvoj

    So a review that’s not a review, you don’t even know the specs?
    *Slow clap*

    • Spockattack

      I’ve got one and it’s pretty good. Nice blacks, vibrant colours and sound ok as well. But the ‘smart TV’ facility (which mine has) is pretty crud, offering a collection of largely Euro channels & duff stuff 🙁
      It’s also a bit slow to fire up too but, all in all, I would say certainly worth £250 for the balance of screen size/quality. You can always pay more (a lot more) if you want to of course… you pays yer money etc

    • Spockattack

      I’ve got one and the picture is pretty good – at any price. The blacks are nice, colours vibrant and the sound pretty ok. Downsides are: smart TV effectively useless, high speed motion can be a bit challenging (but not bad). If you see it as a reasonable 50inch TV at supermarket prices you have just about got it. It’s certainly seems reasonably well built so, for £250 I’d say a ‘no brainer’

    • Jamie Dodd

      He’s right though, it’s a good TV… It’s a 1080p, 60Hz panel. 3 HDMI ports, VGA and a mini component port.
      Good enough for you?