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Magnavox 40ME324V vs. Westinghouse DWM40FG1 specs

With the holiday shopping season creeping up on us fast there are certain to be some jaw dropping deals ahead, and we know the likes of Magnavox and Westinghouse TV models always feature heavily. Stores such as Best Buy, Target and Walmart always seem to have the best deals, although these cheap brands are pretty reasonable all-year round.

Having said that, there are two models that look set to compete with each other this year, and those are the Magnavox 40ME324V and Westinghouse DWM40FG1, both of which are 40-inch LED HDTVs. There specs are almost the same, and so it comes down to two things, design and price, although the latter does play the biggest part.

Magnavox 40ME324V specs

The specs for the Magnavox model comes with a 40-inch screen at 1080p and a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is standard for such a budget model. However, you do get 3 HDMI inputs opening up possibilities to connect a set-top box, games console and even some sort of surround system. Other connections include a component and composite. As for measurements, they are 21″ high, 36″ wide and 3.8″ deep without stand and 22.5, 36 and 7.7 inches with stand.

Westinghouse’s TV comes with the same sort of specs, although the dimensions are slightly different at 21.6 inches high, 36.7 inches wide and 3.47 inches deep without the stand and 23.8, 36.7 and 8.7 inches with the stand.

There is not really too much more we can tell you about these models, although we have learned they will feature as part of Target’s Jaw Dropping Deals, with prices set to be revealed on Thanksgiving.



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