GTA V Orca whale, Shark, Dolphin peyote location

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2014

We have some great news for those of you who are still searching for the GTA V peyote locations on PS4 and Xbox One. We previously told you about the land animals that you could play as, but now we have confirmation that you can also transform into sea creatures as well.

It sounds amazing and in reality it is absolutely epic. We can now bring you the information you need, with GTA V Orca whale and Shark peyote location – two beasts that rule the oceans of Los Santos.

It looks incredible after you have transformed and it’s yet another piece of genius mastery from Rockstar, allowing players to really enjoy the ocean world in its fullest sense.


Watch the two videos below and you will see the exact method on how to play as a shark, dolphin or whale in GTA V next-gen – the transformation is random and you may even find yourself appearing as a dolphin or other sea creature.

We have to say that Orca Whale is our favorite, although the shark is pretty amazing too. Let us know once you have done this yourself in game and what you think of this move by Rockstar.

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