GTA V 1.04 PS4 update live with mystery notes

We have just installed GTA V 1.04 on our PS4, but if you were hoping to see Heists, we can confirm that this isn’t the update. Furthermore, this looks like a small update with Rockstar not revealing the GTA V 1.04 PS4 update notes just yet.

It means that we will have to wait for Rockstar to update their support website for the full notes to go live. On the PS4 itself, the only notes mentioned are ‘Additional fixes for GTA Online to improve stability and other minor fixes’nothing else.

We want to know what these minor fixes are though and so we are patiently waiting for Rockstar for further information as it is a mystery at the moment.


We can say that when Rockstar post the information, the GTA V 1.04 patch notes will go live here. However, we also recall that Rockstar didn’t specify the changes in the 1.03 update so perhaps they are too minor to make public knowledge.

Did you just install a new GTA V update on PS4 today? Let us know if you have noticed anything different in the game after installing as we are searching for what is new.

We’ll update this once more details are uncovered. Did Rockstar fix the glitches that we talked about here?



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