Best Buy website not loading in US

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2014

Those of you who are currently in shopping mode may be disappointed to see that the Best Buy website is not loading in the US at this time. We’ve been looking ourselves to see what products are available but were unable to do this with Best Buy down today in the US.

We’re not sure if this is a widespread problem at the moment, but our repeated attempts were met with the same error message which reads: “We’re sorry, something went wrong when processing your request. Please refresh the page”.

The issue is that refreshing the page doesn’t fix the problem. We can also see that the Canada and Mexico Best Buy websites are loading without any problems.


We can only imagine that the retailer is having issues trying to deal with the surge of consumers who are all thinking of picking up a bargain during the busy Holiday season.

At the time of writing though, this doesn’t seem to be possible. Let us know if is not working in your area, or is loading very slow at the moment.

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  • Jack

    “We’re sorry, something went wrong when processing your request. Please refresh the page”. – doing it again today – 01/14/15 same problem

  • Barry S

    Took my gift card, refreshed and the order did not go through – but took my gift card balance away.

  • André Tetrault

    Seems as if America forgot how the Internet works! It doesn’t matter where you live, Best Buy’s webpage will not load properly anywhere. Smh. I worry sometimes about the next generation.

  • Javin

    I actually ended up calling customer service. They can process your order over the phone and there isn’t much of a wait for hold times. Took 20 minutes start to finish 🙂 Only downside is that they items have to be shipped. No instore pickup for a lot of the Black Friday deals so you won’t have it till next week. Free shipping though.

  • Brian

    The best buy app on my iPhone allows you to order. Just processed mine through

  • Brian

    Here in minnesota too

  • Kim

    Happened to me to BUT…
    Then I was able to place the order from my Phone app. I don’t like ordering on my phone, but I didn’t want to miss out. Give it a try. On their facebook page others said the app worked for them. Good luck!

  • Will

    San Francisco. Frustrating

  • Mike Peterson

    Same in LA

  • d

    same here in Denver CO as well

  • ali

    yes me too, what’s a problem ?

  • vimal

    Same issue AO 4:47 am EST … doesnt show cart

  • jessica

    me too, i want to go to my cart and it just logs me out of my session displaying that same message you show (currently in houston tx)

  • asd

    i have same issue when I try to go to cart

    • bill

      bro are you tryna get the black friday dea;s

    • Vimal

      Same issue..