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50-inch Class LED HD TV video from Walmart

Within the past 24 hours Walmart has started to promote a 50-inch Class LED HD TV video, although we do find it interesting that the video was uploaded back on November 6th. We had no idea it was there and has so far been viewed almost 322,000 times, and we can expect that number to increase at a huge rate over the next day or so.

We do find is strange how the lady in the video does not mention the model of the 50-inch Class LED HD TV, although we can tell you it could be the Emerson LF501EM5F, which we have a review of the specs for those of you interested.

50-inch Class LED HD TV video

If you are on the market for a new gift for someone, then the lady in the video says the 50-inch High Definition LED TV could be the one, as it is a big screen with great picture quality. Well, we will let you decide that by looking at our previous article. One thing we will say though, if it is that good, then why not mention that model number?

As for this TV being perfect for watching the game we are not too sure considering it only has a 60Hz refresh rate. Going back to not mentioning the model, we can sort of understand why, as some location may vary and offer you the Element ELEFW503 instead because the specs are also rather similar.



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