Pokemon ORAS Diancie code for easy Diancite

We have a quick heads-up now for Pokemon ORAS players. We have been getting a lot of questions from our readers asking how to get a Diancite in Pokemon ORAS. The answer to this is easy, but you first need to get hold of a Diancie code from GameStop or GAME.

Long story short, hackers hacked their way into Pokemon X and Y using Powersaves, then unlocked Diancie without effort.

For normal players though, you’ll need to head to your nearest GAME store in the UK or GameStop in the US to get a special card with a Diancie code on it.

We know that some stores are still offering these codes this week so you really want to head down as soon as possible before missing out.


The other alternative is to simply beg people on Twitter which is what we see happening at the moment. After you have your code you can get Diancie in X and Y, then transfer it over to Pokemon ORAS.

From there, simply walk into any Pokemon centre in ORAS to start a dialog, in which you will end up with the Diancite – the stone needed to mega evolve Diancie into Mega Diancie, so that’s the easy part.

Have you managed to get a Diancie code, or are you still looking?



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