Far Cry 4 Black Screen problems after 1.4.0 fix

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2014

Earlier on this week, we informed PC players of Far Cry 4 that a new update was imminent. Now, as of a few hours ago we can confirm that the Far Cry 4 1.4.0 update is live, however we are still getting many reports from you telling us that the Far Cry 4 black screen problems are still happening.

To recap, Ubisoft said on their blog that the Far Cry 4 1.4.0 patch should specifically fix the black screen issues that many of you were having.

We also told you that this update would fix grey screen problems in Far Cry 4 when reaching the end of an Outpost Master mission.


However, since updating many gamers are finding out that the problems still persist and are frantically trying to contact Ubisoft regarding a solution – It doesn’t look particularly pretty does it, as you can see above.

For evidence of this, simply read through the comments underneath the Far Cry 4 1.4.0 patch notes post to see for yourself. Almost every comment mentions that the black screen problem is still not fixed 100%, suggesting that Ubisoft may need to prepare a Far Cry 4 1.5.0 update sooner than they had expected.

The developers are keeping a rolling update blog here with any news on the game as it happens, but so far there is no updated statement regarding the fact that so many of you are still having problems after installing 1.4.0.

Tell us your situation at the moment. Did the 1.4.0 update provide the Far Cry 4 black screen fix that you were looking for or not? We’ll update you when we have something to share on this matter.

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  • Kevin

    can someone give me the link to 1.4 patch, how big is the size just wondering to make sure that i download the correct patch. Mine stuck at installation at choosing the path to install. When i click next the same page appear over and over again helppppp

  • Pooface

    To fix issue search google for far cry 4 dual core patch, game didnt work after patching with 1.4 but the small dual core patch fixed it instantly, should be on the first site that google shows http://www.skid*******

  • Paul Vu

    Still geting it as well.

  • Roberto Navarra

    i’ve updated far cry 4 to 1.4 patch version but the game does black screen bug…. how to fix?? solutions??

  • John

    Still getting the black screen, even after the patch.

  • insanity

    ubisoft needs to focus all there attention on fixing the pc game then putting out patches for the consoles because obviously the patch fix barley anyones game

  • Wort3x

    Yeah still That 50Euro black screen…

  • chefkoch

    still not able to start the game -> just a windowed blackscreen which does nothing

  • Dafinn

    Still getting black screen after 1.40 patch. Core i5, so I don’t think the problem is just dual core

  • Rossel

    looks like the problem is with dual cpu cores hope they find out the problem and fix it really wanna play this game !!

  • Ebad Khan

    Far Cry 4 Black screen still not fix after 1.4.0 patch Plzz update New patch m dying to play this fukin game Plz fix this Black screen not responding error issue