Xbox Games with Gold December list within 3 days

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2014

We are counting down towards the Xbox Games with Gold December 2014 update games announcement on Xbox One and Xbox 360. We were proved correct last month by giving you the reveal date before anyone else and now we can bring you the likely day for when Major Nelson will reveal the next list of games for us.

Last month was considered a disappointment by many, with Microsoft offering Volgarr the Viking as the sole free game on Xbox One.

It also looks like Xbox One owners are only getting one free game each month, rather than two. We recall Microsoft initially offering Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo Spartan Assault on Xbox One in June.

Since that moment owners had been expecting two games every month but Microsoft has been unable to deliver on this – especially disappointing for some given that Sony offer two PS4 games a month on PS Plus without fail.

With this in mind, expectation is running high for the December Games with Gold update. There is added spice this month as not only is it the one year anniversary of Xbox One, but December is also going to be the month when Sony offers their first ‘AAA’ game for free on PS Plus.


We told you here that this game is going to be Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, a game that is going to be well received with PS4 owners we feel since it’s available completely free.

Xbox One owners are now looking at that and saying to Microsoft: “What about us, what are we going to get?” We’ve seen games such as Ryse and Dead Rising 3 paraded around Twitter like it is a done deal, but are Microsoft really ready to offer a big game themselves?

We think it will happen. Microsoft doesn’t like to fall behind Sony if they can help it and we think they will deliver a ‘retail’ game to Games with Gold on Xbox One.

As for the date, the Xbox Games with Gold December 2014 update announcement should be on Thursday November 27. This is the last Thursday of every month and the day in which Major Nelson has been revealing the news month on month.

If they follow the same formula, it will be the same day we are confident of that. However, it also needs to be said that Thursday is Thanksgiving so perhaps Microsoft will make an exception and delay the announcement for this special time of the year.

Let’s hope we still get the news though. Xbox One owners, what are you hoping to see from Microsoft now that Sony has stepped up to the plate with Injustice Gods Among Us.

Put it this way, what game do you not want to see?

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  • Corey Simmons

    For Xbox One I really hope its gonna be Dead Rising 3

  • WavySlim 007

    I dont know if anyone else recived this message on the XB1 but 2 days ago they sent me a link to download limbo which is interesting to say the least along with GWG im happy for this month and indie or AAA title game doesnt bother me gaming just for the love of it

  • The Truth

    Oh and ps PC gaming is the future stop paying money so you can pay online (xbox) or get small perks (playstation). AND FOR FUTURE’S SAKE QUIT PLAYING MICRO-TRANSACTION GAMES THERE RUINING GAMING, Thank You.

    • Manuel Ligo

      You also need to pay to play online on the PS4

  • The Truth

    Really we should all quit buying into consoles to begin with, your basically paying for a crappy cpu little memory and a cool gpu. Stop wasting money on shitty consoles and get a computer that will play both consoles’ games.

    • Manuel Ligo

      If you can build a PC with 400$ worth of budget, then teach us master. Consoles are for people who like gaming as a hobby but can’t afford it as much as other people, who happen to be PC elitists most of the time.

  • Jordan Zirojevich

    For 360 I hope we get Red Dead Redemption or PayDay 2, Saints Row the 4th, Borderlands 1 or 2. One of those games I hope we get.

  • K J

    I meant Their.

  • Daniel Radcliffe

    Hope it’s ryse, I had borrowed it but never finished it, or maybe lego marvel, hope it’s not dr3 as I have bought that lol

    • Gary Flowers

      Ryse is graphically stunning. Its the first xbox one game I played that made me say “wow” and call my mom into my room to look at how beautiful it is, especially on early level in Rome where you’re in the city. The story isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, but the game itself is subpar. Youll most likely only play it once.

      Because of this, im hoping that dead rising is free next month as it has replay value and exploring all it has to offer is fun. It was a great launch game, unlike Ryse which was basically really really stunning to look at but not much else. Ive actually been holding off on buying dead rising with the hopes that it will be free soon.

      Either one would be a major welcome to games with gold since the other games have been a letdown. Ive spent more time downloading one game with gold then playing all of them combined

  • blzzy_gie

    Dead rising 3 would be a big title.

    Sony probably only offered Gods because most peoples yearly PSN+ is due for renewal, the BIG problem they are going to face after Christmas is people will moan like hell if they now don’t get a non indie game EVERY month.

    • ?????

      Gamers these days are spoiled.

      • Phillip Moore

        that’s a big lie right there

      • Gary Flowers

        Loyalty should be rewarded. Its understandable that Microsoft hasn’t been able to produce many big games for the one with games with gold, as there aren’t many games out to begin with. They give great releases every other month on 360 so im personally not upset, but I think its time we get a good AAA game, at least for Christmas. And one to kick off the new year. Then they can go back to arcade games until their game library gets bigger.

      • True but this works both ways, if you and your friend both had the same job but with different companies and every month you both got bonus’s but one month your company held back on you while your friend got a massive bonus you would feel disapointed and most likely want to move to that company. Same with consoles, if Sony offer better bonus’s for being with them then people will want to buy their product rather than Microsoft’s. If Microsoft would have done something huge with games with gold at launch then sales would have differed quite considerably.

  • jake

    BUT can we stfu about xbox one what about xbox360 all I have seen is xbox one games with gold but what is going to be on the xbox360 ???

    • kris

      The xbox 3…what now never heard of it 😜

      • Phillip Moore

        no one said xbox 3 put your reading glasses on

        • Thee Pie Man

          He’s saying xbox 3- as in cutting off saying the rest of the name and completely dismissing the idea that the xbox 360 existed in the first place. I think it’s more sad I have to explain that joke than what the joke implies.

        • Phillip Moore


        • Thee Pie Man

          I bet that’s actual size.^ Heh, kidding kidding.

        • cbns

          You can always zoom in to make it bigger. 😉

        • Manuel Ligo

          Hahahah you sir just won the internet!

    • Timmy

      Oh my god thank you I thought the 360 didn’t exist anymore

      • Timmy

        I thought people didnt think it existed anymore

    • Guest

      360 had it’s time, so stfu about the 10 year old 360 it’s not anyone problem If you can’t afford one or are to cheap to get one, it’s xbox one time now!!

      • Torré Spina

        As a comment above stated, some gamers are spoiled, we all can’t afford a brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4, it was merely a question, I too am wondering about the 360 games, cause we got red faction guerilla and that’s a decent deal, so if you don’t like us talking about the “10 year old 360”, go to your snobby private school, and start a blog there. Hopefully no one will give a damn because guess what, people with that “10 year old” console are having more fun in life than you right now. I’m frankly sick and tired of people thinking if you don’t have and XB1, PS4 Or even WiiU you’re an outkast (hey ya). But in reality hey #PCMasterRace

        • Carlo93

          I have both PS4 and Xbox one along with both previous gen consoles, however i too wonder what all the games will be that are free within the month, for both current and last gen…. it would be nice to see a decent one however on the one as currently they have been awful and actually the xbox 360 has been quite decent despite i had them all anyway… doesn’t make anyone who owns any of the newer ones snobby or rich though… I merely have a job that pays the bills and still has a bit spare so i save and invest in the newer and quite frankly better consoles… this does not mean i am spoiled or you are an outcast.

      • plewm

        pcmasterrace peasant

    • ?????


    • Gary Flowers

      There are several outlets that focus on 360 GwG. And nearly every article on the subject states what the games are for both consoles the instant Xbox releases what the games will be.