Pokemon ORAS Shiny Mega Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2014

Earlier on we gave you some exciting information regarding the answer to the question that many of you are asking about in relation to are Pokemon ORAS Shiny Legendary Pokemon locked or not.

At the time we told you that it looked like they were not locked with the reveal of Shiny Regice, but now we have even better confirmation. Some players have managed to obtain a Shiny Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon ORAS already and we can confirm that he looks absolutely beautiful in the flesh.

We have a series of images to show now, for those that are wondering how to get shiny Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon ORAS. It can definitely be done and even better, Rayquaza does not need a mega stone in ORAS to mega evolve.


As long as you teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent, Rayquaza will evolve by itself and become the fearsome beast which you can see before your eyes now.

You can then go on to unleash Dragon Ascent and Dragon Pulse for a devastating attack on the enemy which will KO most foes in a single hit.


We’ve got the Pokemon ORAS Shiny Mega Rayquaza gameplay evidence to show you Rayquaza evolving at the start of the battle and the dialog which you’ll see on screen.


We’ve also found a very useful image showing Shiny Mega Rayquaza stats in Pokemon ORAS – note the red star which signifies a shiny version of a Pokemon has been captured!


Hopefully some of you will get lucky too and start catching shiny Pokemon of your own. Let us know how you get on with that and which shiny Mega Pokemon in Pokemon ORAS you have managed to catch so far.

Is this possibly the best Shiny you have seen in any Pokemon game?

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  • Alistair

    Question: How do we know these players didn’t cheat and two how do we know if these players haven’t traded over Rayquaza over from X and Y from pokebank?

    • Trump

      who care about that :))

      • Alistair

        Well I do- I want to know if I have to spend hours SRing on Black 2, White 2, HeartGold and Soul Silver

        • Not Trump

          I personally don’t care, it means good news either way. If they aren’t ported, shinies can be encountered normally in ORAS. If they are, that means that ported rayquazas can mega evolve and learn dragon ascent.