eBay listings problems down to official tech issue

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 24, 2014

If you are having eBay listings problems today and changing anything within your items for sale on eBay, then this is down to technical issues that the company confirmed within the last couple of hours. While the eBay website isn’t down today, there is problems hurting people trying to run a business via their service.

You can see a screen grab of the official statement by eBay below, which basically confirms a “technical issue”. The message goes on to explain “some” eBay customers could have sign-in problems, or other issues with certain areas of the UK and US website.


There’s no estimated time of this being fixed, but if the eBay website is not working correctly for you right now, then leave a comment below. Also, remember to mention your country just in case this is a regional problem. The official recommendation from eBay at this time is to, “Please try to complete your transaction at a later time”.

Are you just having listing problems on eBay, or is the website totally down for you? One Product Reviews reader sent in this email, “I saw the statement about listing issues on eBay, but I cannot even access the website and wonder why it’s totally down”. We are able to access auction listings and can confirm the problems with sellers, although we’d love to hear from our readers if you have issues with the login as well.

The previous major eBay outage was in September, which we received well over 100 comments about from our readers. Following this, there was some minor problems with the checkout earlier this month.

Update: Another recent update can be seen within the official Ask eBay tweet below, which came after a tweet responding to one Twitter user.

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  • Linda Russell

    Still down…….. Looks like some users are now able to list again, but not so here.

  • leisureprophet

    For all you large market global manufacturers out there, rest assured, i’m sure eBay’s experts will have this tech issue fixed within hours. Now, for the rest of us, how about the mismanagement issue?

  • Mary Dixson

    Ebay selling can be seen, but you cannot list anything.

  • Flatch U. Lence

    What is this, the 24th outage this year so far. There isn’t enough defects for this joke of a company!

  • Dwight

    I can’t see my items that are selling, I can’t sell new items, and the rss feeds are messed up. My business is pretty much shut down.

  • Rick

    I’m really frustrated and can’t revise listings, I am trying to list for Black Monday and Black Friday is only days away as well.