Craigslist website down with Digital Gangster hack claim

It looks like there are some big problems with Craigslist at the moment. We are trying to access the website at the moment but haven’t been able to, with Craigslist down today in US and the login service not working.

It’s not an ideal time obviously, during one of the biggest shopping periods of the year. Unfortunately we are also hearing rumors about Craigslist being hacked, but we’re yet to confirm that as true.

Having said that, there are wide reports on social media, that just before the outage occurred, was redirecting to ‘Digital Gangster for life’ which seems to back up the reports about a hack.


We just know that there are big problems with the Craigslist log in for us at the moment. As we try to investigate and seek an official status update on the matter, let us know what is happening in your area.

Is Craigslist not working today in US for you as well, or are you now able to access the website without issue?



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