Craigslist website down with Digital Gangster hack claim

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2014

It looks like there are some big problems with Craigslist at the moment. We are trying to access the website at the moment but haven’t been able to, with Craigslist down today in US and the login service not working.

It’s not an ideal time obviously, during one of the biggest shopping periods of the year. Unfortunately we are also hearing rumors about Craigslist being hacked, but we’re yet to confirm that as true.

Having said that, there are wide reports on social media, that just before the outage occurred, was redirecting to ‘Digital Gangster for life’ which seems to back up the reports about a hack.


We just know that there are big problems with the Craigslist log in for us at the moment. As we try to investigate and seek an official status update on the matter, let us know what is happening in your area.

Is Craigslist not working today in US for you as well, or are you now able to access the website without issue?

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  • Kaleb

    If we google craiglist it comes up but if we search through msn it redirects to “digital gangsters for life” in Boise ID.

  • Pepe Mas Canoza

    Is up today at 5pm

  • Pepe Mas Canoza

    I too here in florida could not log in all day yesterday …

  • Chuck D

    lol hey chris LOL good one but its really rather simple you can post cities all day long its down and its down for everyone! So gee post a city when it is understood that all is down but just use your phone since the mobile version is up. LOL so post cities to your hearts content it is just stating the obvious we know you are down in your city LOL
    have a good one chris and not telling folks what to do its just rather stupid since we know it is down but post away LOL

    • Dr. Rob

      Judging by the amount of lol’s in your comment I’m going to assume you’re 12… please dont interrupt when adults are speaking.

  • Mike Melonski

    Down in Anchorage.

  • Chris Hampton

    Still down in Los Angeles/Orange County. Hi Chuck!! Posted another city just for you. Always the guy to tell people what to do. Silly man. Muaahh

  • Chuck D

    as i stated earlier no need to be redundant craigslist is down all over, yes even your city so do not keep posting its down in your city its down!!! It was hacked but as i said earlier the mobile version is up so use your phone and you just have to wait until the full version for computers is up

  • Michael Klein

    not working in atlanta

  • lynn

    Mine works on phone in nc i deleted app then added it back

  • Kylie

    Craigslist is down in all of Colorado!

  • BigQ

    craigslist down in vancouver area aswell!!! man wtf!! is going on

  • Ben P

    Been down in San Jose, CA since yesterday @ 3PM

  • Haley

    Still down in Honolulu

  • Chuck D

    ps you can access it via the mobile page so use your phone or tablet with mobile craigslist if you really need to access the site

    • cliff

      Doesnt work ..even off the wifi on 4gtle

  • Chuck D

    ok folks no need to keep posting that it is down in your city rather redundant, craigslist was hacked and it will be down everywhere until they reset it

  • hot gurl

    No action in Chicago

  • Florida

    Still down in Fort Myers Fl. as of 10:45AM, 11-24-14

  • ZQ13

    Is down In Dallas tx too 😱

  • PWM

    Still down in Toledo, Oh

  • Ken

    Down since yesterday, and still down in Memphis, TN. Yesterday I also got to the digital gangster page.

  • Thomas Schneider

    Still down in Melrose, IA

  • Abe

    It Is Still Down in Bakersfield, CA


  • janemarple

    still sown in Austin TX and Chicago

  • michael perugini

    still down in Kansas city
    trace route indicates several hops failing mostly through texas

  • eatm308ama

    It’s not really down. That’s just the propaganda from that teabagger network Fox News Corp. (end sarcasm)

    • JMW

      No it’s really down and your full of sh–

      • eatm308ama

        Have a laugh on me. It’s sarcasm.

  • philolb

    still down in SF Bay Area

  • JMW

    Still down in Minnesota

  • eatm308ama

    Down in Memphis, TN. and Horn Lake, MS. since Sunday morning. No redirect.

  • LaLa

    same here in MI

  • ctbuyandsell

    It’s been down in CT. since Sunday evening and still down!

    • Rednex

      Still down in colorado springs also!! Looks like ill hit up back page for a hooker, er, i mean massage. 😉

  • VAL

    Dallas Texas here…the same. redirect to Dig Gang since early this am.

  • KVL

    Eugene. OR. As of 1900. 23 Nov redirected to DigGang. Same status now 0600.
    Never let it fully load, can’t say about video.

  • rs

    Been down in nebraska since early Sunday

  • stepheneng

    Totally down in Florida,,,,re-direct to

  • Nabeshine

    Minneapolis, Comcast, Chrome. No redirect, just down…

  • CommonCents

    one used free selling/trading website, needs TLC. $1,000.00 867-5309. Ask for Jenny.

  • Heydude

    Not working here in Houston. I got redirected to a crappy music video.

  • L.D.

    Now it’s re-directing to a video on YouTube !

  • Colum Gallagher

    How am I suppose to make money today! in reality I make between $1,000.00 and $1,500.00 weekly trading and selling. NOT to bad for working three hours a day in the morning and then drinking with my buddies at the local bar in the afternoon

  • Cabulous

    Call your Internet Provider to have them flush their DNS servers. It’s something only a Network Engineer is going to be able to do.

  • Robert Rodriguez Artist

    It finally went back up! Then went bsck down . Won’t open any ads

    • L.D.

      If that’s an example of your art : it’s really good !

  • L.D.

    Here N. of Bellingham too – & right before Black Friday : again ! Hmmmm…

  • Colum Gallagher

    Puerto Rico and Venezuela DOWN

  • Robert Rodriguez Artist

    Down in Tucson arizona. There goes my $600 a week paycheck !

  • gus

    down in Milwaukee,wisconsin

  • misturdan

    Down?……argh! Does this mean I have to get a life now?….How unfortunate, and I was looking forward to drooling on my keyboard all day.

  • need craigslist back

    Yeah, it’s down here in Sacramento, CA and I tried to access craigslist on my smartphone thinking my computer caught a virus or something like that and it directed me to the Digital Gangsters Enterprises on my phone. Thanks alot D.G.E. now how am I going to find a job.

  • Miller

    I can log in on my phone but not my iPad…super weird

  • Cheryl Johnson

    CL down here in Los Angeles, CA since yesterday (11/23) Still down this morning (11/24)

  • T.C.

    Down in Phoenix, Arizona

  • Darlene Moreno

    down in California

  • Creamcatcher

    down in new mexico.

  • steven

    Out in Hawaii.

  • Kristopher

    Down in Indiana and I get the ‘Digital Gangster for life’ page. It’s nice to know there are so many self absorbed people out there.

  • Frank




  • Jameka

    Yeah so I thought my boss blocked access. I continued to get a “you’ve reached your browsing limit, but you can purchase more” page. I hope she understands that the email I sent was out of frustration.

  • Chloe

    Canada is down all day & night

  • Cressa Keller

    Norman Oklahoma Craigslist is down for me!

  • Anthony

    Vancouver bc. Craigslist is down

  • making_pie


  • kade6767

    They’re not digital gangsters, they’re technological idiots.

    • CCNA

      whoever did this is no idiot. it takes skill to take down a site like craigslist.

      • kade6767

        You don’t know much about hacking. It doesn’t take too much to take a site like Craigslist. But saying, “technological idiot” is not referring to their capabilities and skills, it is merely stating that you’re a moron for hacking a site like Craigslist. I mean, go hack a site worth hacking and not a classified page. Stupid.

  • kade6767

    Wow, they must be so proud of themselves. I mean how big of a moron do you have to be to think it’s funny to hack Craigslist? Too bad stupid fucks like that hide behind computers because they need their asses kicked.

  • Barbara

    It’s also down here in Israel.

  • Shawn

    For all that are still having CL access issues due to lame ISP’s that won’t manually flush their DNS records. You can change your DNS to use google’s at and you can access the site. You probably should change back after a while to your DHCP provided DNS server.

  • sally

    i’m in Lynnwood Washington, thats close to Seattle Washington , and the words “digital gangster for life” showed up in my firefox browser.

  • William Baker

    Its down everywhere but unlike most im not getting sent to the gangster website just getting a message saying the internet website has expired lol

  • ted

    At approximately 5pm PST Sunday evening the craigslist domain name service (DNS) records maintained at one of our domain registrars were compromised, diverting users to various non-craigslist sites.

    This issue has been corrected at the source, but many internet service providers (ISPs) cached the false DNS information for several hours, and some may still have incorrect information.

    If you are unable to reach the craigslist site, please ask your network provider or tech staff to flush all * and * entries (A,CNAME,SOA) from their DNS servers.

  • Stella Wicker

    Arkansas and Missouri are both down

  • namelessdirt

    Down in louisiana

  • birds movie 2

    oh daw, now I remember. the entire internet went down last year at this time right before black Friday. history repeating itself don’t worry, be happy….lol

  • birds movie 2

    yep, mines been down for a while. I did see something in the search bar that blinked digital gangster real quick then this page cannot be displayed A store owner is probably responsible. Anyways, I typed ‘craigslist korea…..they are down as well. Some people have too much time on their hands to hacking in 2014 still. GET A LIFE DIGITAL GANGSTER. I use Craigslist as a calming drug and you blinked it off my screeeeeen. This will be karma coming back to you. Have a nice day prick. 🙁

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  • Marýah

    Portland, Oregon is down.

  • jason

    down in anaheim

  • art

    down in Anaheim and I got redirected to the gangster site

    • Marýah

      I was JUST directed to the same thing that is shown up there, so it’s not just “before the site went down.”

  • poop

    still down in sd

  • hot girl

    CL still down in sc

    • jack6135

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  • Carter

    500.00 firm for the camry

    • L.D.


  • Carter

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    • NgTurbo

      The show must go on Carter.. that’s the spirit.

  • Bob28880

    seattle area still down

  • CL_USER1

    mpls mn down