Origin down with EA servers on Nov 23

There’s major problems right now with the Origin login going down along with EA servers not available on November 23rd. This is a recent outage that has impacted FIFA 15, Madden 15, and other gamers running on EA servers thanks to all of these going down today.

In the last 15 minutes we’ve seen over 1500 reports in regard to EA servers not available and over a 1000 reports about problems with Origin. One Product Reviews reader said, “Battlefield 4 isn’t working, so I went to play FIFA 15 online with my PS4 and notice that’s down as well. This is obviously an issue with EA, but I’m not sure if it’s just server problems or an attack”. Another added, “I can’t play FIFA 15 on PS3 and wondered if PSN is down right now, but the status page shows everything is online”.

EA server problems take FIFA 15 down

Is Origin and an EA game not working for you right now? If so, what platform are you on and what game isn’t working right now? Share a comment below with your region as well. This story is developing and we will have more information in the next few minutes.

We’ve reached out to EA for a comment on their server issues taking place right now. This looks like a global problem with complaints in the UK and across the USA.

Update: It could be Lizard Squad performing a DDOS attack on Origin, as they have tweeted a search on Twitter for EA servers down and said it’s entertaining.



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