Origin down with EA servers on Nov 23

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 23, 2014

There’s major problems right now with the Origin login going down along with EA servers not available on November 23rd. This is a recent outage that has impacted FIFA 15, Madden 15, and other gamers running on EA servers thanks to all of these going down today.

In the last 15 minutes we’ve seen over 1500 reports in regard to EA servers not available and over a 1000 reports about problems with Origin. One Product Reviews reader said, “Battlefield 4 isn’t working, so I went to play FIFA 15 online with my PS4 and notice that’s down as well. This is obviously an issue with EA, but I’m not sure if it’s just server problems or an attack”. Another added, “I can’t play FIFA 15 on PS3 and wondered if PSN is down right now, but the status page shows everything is online”.

EA server problems take FIFA 15 down

Is Origin and an EA game not working for you right now? If so, what platform are you on and what game isn’t working right now? Share a comment below with your region as well. This story is developing and we will have more information in the next few minutes.

We’ve reached out to EA for a comment on their server issues taking place right now. This looks like a global problem with complaints in the UK and across the USA.

Update: It could be Lizard Squad performing a DDOS attack on Origin, as they have tweeted a search on Twitter for EA servers down and said it’s entertaining.

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  • Username782

    Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 on 360 have been down for quite a few days now and it’s ticking me off because I’m trying to get the free promotional items from the dragon age website and I can’t until the servers start working.

  • Jurgen Bosmans

    Since 24th november in afternoon origin loging service not available. Now it still not up and even says i need be online to log in the first time. I cant play anygame anymore now. This is 2 second time within 8 days that this happend.

  • 4pac

    About two hours ago I tried playing bf4 and fifa on the ps3 but I was unable to sign in to their servers

    • 4pac

      I havent checked if the servers are up

  • A guy

    well the server is now up for me

  • Guest

    Origin and EA down for Spokane WA area as well. Afternoon wasted trying to figure out why Inquisition wouldn’t install. Cute that it requires Origin to install…but only if your on PC. Way to pick em’ biofail. Maybe EA wont screw up your hard work next. Oh wait, the screwed up every game you put out through them. But surly they’ll be different next time. >.>

  • Mier

    Fifa 14 servers on Xbox 360 aren’t working and its kinda annoying me and making me mad.

    • bburn jnr

      get a life

    • ibby jay

      go and jump off a building then lol

  • A3you

    Now all normal. Italy

  • Manchu Demon

    Cant log in with BF4. Thank you for this article, couldnt find anything else on the web but I am glad to get some sort of answer and know it isnt just me.

  • Mark

    Back up and running in Australia

    • ibby jay

      wat console u on mark and do u have fifa 15 ?

  • MrMan

    does anyone have an approximation on how long the servers will be down?

    • bburn jnr

      how longs a piece of string?

  • docblack

    Simpsons Tapped Out is down

  • Guymoon48

    Madden mobile is having problems aswell

  • danimal

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, PC. Game doesn’t even load. Asks to activate but can’t connect. Can’t access my account via the website either.

    Just bought it yesterday and regretting it. Should’ve went with Far Cry 4.

    • Ayo AndIdgaf

      i still can play my Dragon Age: Inquisition

      • A3you


        • Ayo AndIdgaf

          its back up now

      • danimal

        Just came back online. Hopefully it sticks around..

    • Valethar

      Once you get it activated, you’ll be good, as you can still play in offline mode if it happens again.

      Gotta love the ‘always on’ DRM insanity. Doesn’t do much to stop piracy, but it sure as hell makes things a pain in the ass for everyone else.

  • disqus_z0wlQlNfX0

    Lizard squad was able to bring down EA … wow … EA fix up when nerds can attack and bring down a million dolla franchise … its sad

  • Peanutbuttajiff

    Need for Speed Rivals, and Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012

    • Peanutbuttajiff

      On Xbox 360*

  • Steve walsh

    Ea servers not available, all FIFA games ( Xbox 360 ) I have tried them all. Cornwall, England. Sort it out ea. How much do your technicians get paid???? Get them to do their jobs more efficiently please.

    • ibby jay


  • Spectre

    My Games list won’t load, anyone with the same problem?




  • Lord Crisp

    This hacking everyone is getting out of hand!
    Get yourselfes a freaking life…! back when it was a rare occation and you just did it to show mistakes in the security I got it, but this in ONLY hurting us gamers.
    Find a new hobby, JESUS!!!

  • Skier_57

    BF4 Klamath Falls Oregon Xbox 360

  • A3you

    server Up but download Dragon Age will not restart. Italy

  • Lord Crisp

    Servers are half back up… can now log into Origin, but cloud-saves aren’t working and a lot of stuff just pops up with errors… and worst of all my Dragon Age Inquisition has dissappeared from my library 🙁 FIX THIS EA

  • J

    Nhl 15

  • Laura

    Back online…for now

  • iffy

    having problems with inquisition ugh. can’t update to help w crashes : south east us

  • J ‘

    Texas, X360, madden 15 down

  • ibby jay

    Don’t hurt da gamerz u interbred retards – fifa,bf4, origin all down. Fuk u lizardsquad………..Blackburn, England

    • Mark

      Thats a bit harsh. You should leave. Hope i see you on bf4 and shove a bazooka where it belongs

      • ibby jay

        Bazooka will be up urs before u can release urs hahaha

        • Mark

          Do you play bf4free?

        • bburn jnr

          mark stfu before u got a buzoooka p your backside go on have some soup matee

        • Mark

          Yeah soup thats good. Inventive young fella are’nt you eh? See you on bf play4free and we’ll see who needs soup.lol

        • ibby jay

          im on ps4 – pay 40quid for online subscription like everbody else – so its not free is it

    • Coin

      Sadly, what you are doing know is a part of why they are doing this. But you would not complain if they weren’t DDoSing so…

      • ibby jay

        point taken coin

        • bburn jnr

          ye from blackburn
          do 1 lizardsquad

  • Coin

    Can not play anything. Sweden.

    • bburn jnr

      do they even have electricity in sweden ?

  • Mark

    I just looked away from the screen. I noticed…..there’s a whole world out there! The colours are so real looking

    • danimal

      Yeah but the character progression is miserable, the plot is frustrating, and the bosses are seemingly invincible.

  • Dawson

    Bf4 on xb1 and titan fall

  • pj

    back online!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laura

      Not for me 🙁

      • Mark

        Where are you?

      • Mark

        Ah UK. Bit cool there? And all white?

  • Mark

    Now, how am i gonna waste my time?

    • Laura

      I know right :-/

  • Guest

    BF 4 Georgia US XB1

  • bilbo

    fifa 15 ps4 down. this sucks.

    • bilbo


  • luis

    lizardsquad hacked all EA !! offline all the planet

    • A guy


      • Laura

        They think it’s funny, i don’t get it as it really only hurts the gamers not the company

        • A guy

          Man Lizardssquad are fags that don’t have a life

        • Laura

          I suppose it must be easy to hack, maybe EA should have done something about it after last time they did it. Apparently there cooking up something for later??

        • Mark

          How long were they down last time?

        • A guy


  • A guy

    So Im not the only one?

    • Laura

      No 🙁

      • A guy

        Why did this happen?

  • Mark

    Victoria australia no bf4free and cant log in to origin

  • Tom

    madden 15, ps3, michigan

  • Miloud L C

    offline… Germany

    • A3you

      Idem for Italy.

  • dARkNeSs rAlpH

    BF4 Offline – Mexico

  • Guest

    Just a bunch of kids with nothing better to do than mess with the servers

  • Prince Brandon

    Battlefield 3 not going online on PS3 England UK

  • slidewayzz

    NHL15 Madden15 BF4 washington

  • Ssasa

    Fifa 15 on Xbox 360. Indiana

  • ddad

    Fifa 15 ps3 not letting me log in to ea UK.

  • Minimal

    Origin and battelog are offline switzerland/europe

  • annonymous

    It’s an attack, confirmed by a tweet from the responsible party, whom I will give no publicity to.

  • joao

    “Lost Connection to EA Server” trying to play Battlefield 4 and FIFA 15
    Lisboa, Portugal

  • jose

    Cant login to Madden 15 anyone else having the same issue?

  • Supermac

    PC Uk down

  • Laura

    PC, UK, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

  • Maicon Maciel

    PC BF4 in Brazil, not connect!

  • Seegers

    “Lost Connection to EA Server” trying to play battlefield 4
    Adelaide, Australia

  • inconsolable one

    Just tried to play a little Battlefield and it was a no-go. Hoping everything is okay soon.

  • socialkombat

    Having log-in problems on Origin for PC. Unable to play Dragon Age: Inquisition WHICH IS SO NOT COOL.

  • ash

    PC, FIFA 15 and BF4 not working.

  • bla

    can’t login to origin on pc for titanfall

  • ffgaa

    pc and bf4 are not working wtf!

  • Sera

    Can’t log into Origin on the PC and also SWTOR is not getting past the loading screen atm. Region is Ireland.

    • Bill Pitzer

      Just getting a few servers sporadically right now in U.S. 7:06 PM EST