New PS4 update with DLNA support

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2014

Sony is slowly adding more features to the PS4 console, to make it the best experience it can possibly be, compared to Xbox One. Players are loving the new YouTube and SharePlay features that arrived with 2.0, but there’s still one notable PS4 feature missing – PS4 DLNA support.

This has been one of the single most requested feature of the console since launch and some are finding it pretty amazing that it hasn’t arrived yet.

Especially when you consider that this feature is a standard feature already available on PS3 and secondly, DLNA for Xbox One has already been available since October.


Sony has maintained that a PS4 DLNA update is still on the way, but so far they haven’t given users an exact timeframe on when to expect it.

We heard about a rumor on Reddit suggesting that it is coming in Early 2015, but again nothing substantial to treat it as a done deal.

Interestingly, Sony has however alluded to the fact that they have a media support feature in the works. Sony has called this feature their ‘Network Media Player’, however, they have only specifically mentioned it for PS TV and PS Vita – i.e., no mention of a PS4 Network Media Player which we found a little odd.


It’s clear that DLNA is the next obvious feature to look forward to and we assuming that it now won’t be ready before the end of the year sadly.

Hopefully Sony are still working on this as we speak, but at the same time voices need to be heard to make Sony push out the feature as soon as possible.

Do you agree that SharePlay is amazing, but DLNA support for the PS4 is what you really want? Let us know your thoughts on this missing aspect of the console, especially given that it has been available on the Xbox One for months.

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  • KAY

    Yep, like many people, my gaming console is on my secondary TV system. It’s physically located away from my networked storage and router and connected to a non-internet TV. I streamed movies and music all the time via PS3. Upgraded to PS4 and I’m dead in the water. Yes, I know I could configure Plex, set up a proper server, and then use PS4’s browser to connect — that’s a lot of work and network maintenance.
    Sony was a leader in developing DLNA, had it in PS3, but chose to eliminate it from PS4. There’s no way this was an oversight. Despite claims to the contrary, this can only be due to royalties associated with pushing people to Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming content providers.
    I could buy a DLNA media player from WD or others, but why do I have to spend another $100 for a feature that was in the PS3? What a mess. What a load of crap. It’s the end of January 2015 and still no DLNA.
    I too would have opted for Xbone if I’d have known …

  • Remus Maximus

    i wish i knew PS4 didn’t support DLNA before i bought it. i would definitely have gotten the xbox instead. very poor work Sony…

  • Mark Ryan

    I was going to buy a ps4 tomorrow after work . After I did some research and found that I can’t network it to my computer and stream my movies and
    music forget that….

  • Frenziedmuffin

    Bought my PS4 when it first came out. Its a YEAR later and still no DLNA. It’s just ridiculous how long this is taking.

  • Ken

    Indeed, dlna support should be standard on AND type of home entertainment system….. Does Sony not want to play in societies sandbox any more.

  • Admin

    Shareplay? No thanks. Just give me freakin DLNA already!

  • seeafish

    That title is such blatant click bait. Came here with sheer joy only to leave disappointed.
    Kind of annoyed now. I’ll remember not to read this site anymore. =/

  • Josh101

    “Do you agree that SharePlay is amazing, but DLNA support for the PS4 is what you really want?”

    In all honesty, I couldn’t care less. Shareplay is a badass feature. DLNA I could live without, doesn’t mean a damn thing to me honestly. I use youtube on fire . com to view pirated movies anyway heh.