LG 55LB5550 55-inch LED HDTV specs with reviews MIA

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 23, 2014

The LG 55″ Class LED 1080p HDTV is known as the 55LB5550 model number, but it will share similar specs with LB5550 models other than a difference in display size. Today, we will list the full specifications for this LG TV along with official documentation to give you more insight, although in terms of a 55LB5550 review you’ll see that there’s a lack of information everywhere online.

It’s strange not to find reviews of the LG 55LB5550 55-inch LED HDTV, or even the smaller sizes in this range like the 49LB5550. There seems to be a complete lack of consumer feedback along with hands-on reviews, even with ratings on the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy USA.

One of the highlighted features for the LG 55LB5550 55-inch CLASS LED HDTV is MCI 120. Known as Motion Clarity Index, this feature rates how good the television is at fast moving scenes and you can see the MCI 120 figure next to the TV below. Higher MCI scores are better and this panel does well at 120, which benefits from a powerful video processing engine, advanced local dimming, and detailed backlight scanning.


You can see the back of the LG 55LB5550 LED TV below, although the main specs list can be seen below that image. These detail some of the most commonly demanded specs, but we’d also recommend our readers take a look at the technical specifications within a PDF downloaded from LG’s website.



You can see a side angle for this television below, which is ideal for those of you shopping for a new HDTV that needs to be fitted to your wall. This allows for a good look at its thickness, although in most cases all the latest flat panel TVs will fit to walls without any problems.


In terms of reviews for this model, as we mention above there’s very little online. We have seen a few 5 star ratings on the likes of Best Buy and the official LG site has this user feedback, but again this might not be ideal for some of our readers. Take a look at the specs above and download the PDF for a closer look to understand more.

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  • Michel Simmons

    Bought this from newegg website for $369 looking forward to its arrival.

    • Khaja

      You have bought 49 one n this site says 55 🙂

      • Michel Simmons

        Actually the LG 49LB5550 is listed here which is the set I bought. The article speaks of the different size sets with a lack of consumer feedback, however there is plenty of feedback and reviews. I’ll post mine to newegg after a month.

        • sdfdadf

          Two months have passed, still no sign of your review

        • Michel Simmons

          I reviewed it on newegg. I love the TV, I use it on vivid with the brightness level on 50 and blacklight on 70. My Xbox one and 360 is attached also an antenna. No lag or noticeable latency when gaming even with shooters such as Battlefield. I mostly play 2K no ghosting there either. Volume it’s lacking with the speakers. You’ll need a pretty long tv stand for this because the feet on the TV nearly go edge to edge. Get a sound bar or surround sound for this tv. Looks very modern, very then bezel around the screen. Colors and blacks look really good after calibrating the set.

        • Alex Serrano

          I have this tv too but I can’t get my picture to look good when I’m playing bloodborne on my ps4. What do u recommend I set my tv at?