DriveClub November DLC with Ignition Expansion Pack

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 23, 2014

The DriveClub November DLC has already gained a release date with the Ignition Expansion Pack download going live on Nov 25th SCEA, or 26th for SCEE and 27th for SCEJ. As most of you know, this content will be free for everyone that paid out for the full game and of course this is very different to the PS Plus free version.

Patience is something gamers needed to have with all the DriveClub server problems and the launch of this racing game hasn’t been anywhere near what PS4 owners expected. Appreciation for apparent understanding has been shown with free DriveClub DLC in November, 2014.


Within the Ignition Expansion Pack you will find 5 new vehicles, 5 new trophies, and 11 new tour events. This is a welcomed addition for those that enjoy playing this PS4 game, and of course even more so if you haven’t been happy with all the server issues and lack of features expected at launch.

It’s not clear if this is the compensation some people wanted, but we think it goes a long way to making fans happy. Take a look at the DriveClub Ignition Expansion Pack trailer below, and then let us know if this freebie makes you a lot happier?

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  • Josh101

    This is awesome. I’m glad they are giving it away for free. That hatchback though, ugh. Honestly I could care less about them, they are slow and ugly. Who actually wants to drive crappy hatchbacks?