Xur on Nov 28 collides with Black Friday

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

It is normal for Destiny’s Xur to go missing from his known location each Sunday, which is thanks to the Agent of the Nine disappearing the same time of arrival after just two days each week. You can next look for the new Xur location in Destiny from November 28, although this is the same date as Black Friday 2014.

This fact will mean very little to some of Product Reviews readers, although others won’t wonder where is Xur in Destiny on Black Friday, but rather where are the best video game deals for PS4, Xbox One, and previous generation systems.


Destiny’s Xur appears in a new location at 9AM UK time, or around 1/2am in the US at Pacific Time. Late night gamers normally like to play in the early hours and find Xur the moment he arrives in Destiny, and yes that’s even in the early US hours as well. On Black Friday, this could be very different thanks to stores opening for late night shopping on Thanksgiving day.


In fact, we’ve heard that many of the bigger game stores will open at 12:01am on Black Friday, so we expect a lot less players to be hunting Xur when he arrives within Destiny on Black Friday. This event only happens once a year, although Xur appears in the game every week.

Will you be hunting the new Xur location in Destiny on November 28, or would you rather be visiting the Black Friday sales at 1/2AM next week? We also hear that GameStop is opening many of their bigger stores from Midnight as well.

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  • Vog Raid

    Sean Carbutt, you are a really big butt head. Don’t be an idiot. Black Friday Sales are not just an America thing. Check your sources. Canadians have a ton of sale on Black Friday. What a troll.

  • wp8winRTftw

    The question is will have a black Friday sale with either discounts or putting all his stuff on sale instead of just a few items.

  • J.d. Snead

    This topic is stupid, Xur is in the tower till Sunday. Plenty of time to do your Black friday shopping etc & still get on.

  • rux

    What the check is this nonsense article

    • Sean Carbutt

      Lol. Its an American thing. Once a year they have a massive sale day. Doesn’t effect non US people

      • arial

        check your facts .. it does if you live in canada.