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Samsung BDH5100 review of specs for Smart Blu-ray Player

We have covered a great deal of TV models over the past week or so, as these make perfect gifts for this time of year. Consumers tend to buy more TVs around now, although there are other things that you need to consider, such as do you need a soundbar to improve the sound of the television that you have purchased or are you in need of a new Smart Blu-ray Player?

If your answer to the latter is yes, then you could consider the Samsung BDH5100 because it not only allows you to watch movies in far better quality, but also comes with Smart TV features to give the user access to more media content.

For those of you that are not prepared to get rid of your DVD movies just yet, then don’t, as this player will upscale DVDs as best as it can to HD, although not as good as Blu-ray though. However, it is the addition of built-in apps such as Netflix. YouTube and Hulu+ and access to even more that may be the most appealing feature for you.

Samsung BDH5100 review

This means you can purchase a cheaper TV without Smart features, which could save you a small fortune, as this Blu-ray player has you covered.

Review of Samsung BDH5100 specs – We already mentioned a few of the more popular apps available to use on this Blu-ray player, but there is far more ready and waiting to be downloaded, such as Facebook, Rhapsody, Twitter, CinemaNow, Flingo and so much more.

Samsung BDH5100 specs

You can also redefine your remote thanks to Anynet+, allowing you to control up to 12 devices, although they do have to be compatible. There is nothing worse than having to wait for something to boot up, and so you will be pleased to learn this model comes with a Quick Start Mode, meaning it is ready to go in half a second.

As for sound you really need to have this player connected to the Samsung HW-F355 Soundbar to enjoy its Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Surround and Dolby True HD. This is just a small look at its features and specification, although you can see more of them below.

Samsung BDH5100 specifications



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