New GTA V PS4 update problems

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2014

It looks like Rockstar are having big problems with their latest update for GTA V on PS4. Hours ago users were prompted to install a new GTA V PS4 update, version 1.03 which appears to have been removed from Rockstar’s servers.

After installing this update however, users were complaining that GTA V was crashing on PS4 after installing 1.03. As a result, it looks like Rockstar has removed the GTA V 1.03 update completely (1.14GB in size) to avoid further problems – i.e., you can’t download it anymore full stop.

We have since seen Rockstar issue an update on their support section of their website, with the following message:

“11/21/14 Update: We are currently addressing issues with intermittent connection errors for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One users. This issue will be addressed by tomorrow with a patch for all users.”


As you can see, it means that a new GTA V PS4 update today will be landing at some point on Saturday to fix the problems. This could either turn out to be the GTA V 1.04 update on PS4, or a fixed GTA V 1.03 update for PS4.

At the moment though, the removal of this update has caused big problems. Some are saying that their GTA Online is not working due to incompatibility with those who are still on GTA V 1.02, but cannot play with those who already updated to GTA V 1.03.


Some are even saying that the GTA V 1.03 caused weapons to disappear from their inventory, a problem that we are yet to confirm as widespread just yet.

We’ve also been told by some of you about a constant GTA V CE-34878 error code – which is actually a general PSN error code seen in other games too, Assassin’s Creed Unity a recent example.

Hopefully Rockstar will be updating GTA V on PS4 very soon so that the problems can be fixed. Are you still having issues GTA V problems on PS4 today? Let us know what your GTA Online status is at the moment.

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  • ken

    my main story mission is disapppear!!

  • PoLoMoTo

    I can’t stay in any online session for more than a few minutes, online is totally unplayable for me right now….

  • Dante199020

    My weapons also disappeared in Story mode. Reloading a older save restored them for now. But it has happened more than once now.

  • David

    My weapons have disappeared in stoey mode too! First with Franklin and then with Michael. I’ve finished the story so it’s pretty annoying to have all the weapons I’ve collected simply vanish.