Monster M7 Tablet charging port, freeze problems persist

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2014

It is that time of year again when consumers race out to shops to pick up the best price on tablets that retailers are now selling for discounts. The Monster M7 7-inch tablet is one of these products, but there has been some concern over the lasting quality with reports from buyers who say that the Monster M7 Tablet has charging port and freezing problems.

This is actually the same tablet in which we previously wrote about 12 months ago. Since then though, we have seen that the Monster M7 tablet problems are continuing, with overwhelming feedback still coming in this month and last month, suggesting that the problems mentioned above are persisting.

On the outlook, this tablet actually looks very solid. Not only does it have the glamour of the Monster brand attached to it, the Monster M7 Tablet specs are decent too.


It features a 7-inch 1280 x 800 display, dual-core 1.5Ghz processor with 1GB of RAM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, rear and front cameras, 16GB of storage and MicroSD slot.

There’s also a mini-HDMI port, ‘pure Monster sound’, a 4,000mAh battery, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. For a budget tablet, you would agree that these features look fantastic to any prospective buyer.


Digging deeper though, that’s when the problems begin. A year after Consumer Reports gave this tablet a ‘don’t buy’ rating, we can see that negative reports are still coming in this month at Walmart, the retailer which sells the Monster M7 M71BL Tablet exclusively.

To give you an example of this, head to the Monster M7 Tablet review page here over at Walmart, and you’ll see that there are a whopping 1011 reviews that have been left by those that have already bought one.

Look to the right of the page, select ‘Newest to Oldest’ and you will see that the first 10 reviews left are actually all negative 1-star reviews.


The majority of these reviews have a worrying theme to them as well – either the charging port snapped, or the charging port was pushed or forced into the Monster M7 so that it wouldn’t charge anymore.

Combine that with other complaints about freezing and it looks this tablet is still having problems in 2014. Those user reviews do not lie and when you have hundreds of reports coming in, all about the broken Monster M7 tablet charging port, you may be better off looking elsewhere for a cheaper tablet this month.

Give us your reaction to this, one year on. Are you still having problems with your Monster M7 tablet after buying – did the problems relate to the charging port or a freezing screen?

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  • chris61410

    Hi i bought this Tablet in May 2014 been really great especially at the bargain price for a Tablet.but lately after plugging the unit into my car charging port, the tablet constantly shows that it is in the charging mode,with the graphics showing it is charging even though it is unplugged, the battery now discharges quickly it is as though the unit is not powering down although the screen goes blank. Chris 61410.

  • Trina

    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. In May 2015 I sent it back to Monster for service because the charger inside the unit broke free and is loose inside the device. They confirmed receiving it on May 18, 2015, it is now July 24, 2015 and they still cannot tell me what they are doing with my tablet!!! I keep getting the same run around that the tablet and person I need answers from is “in the lab” and cannot be reached. I demanded to speak with a manager who was “in the lab” and nobody else is available to speak with. I told her I was extremely unhappy with their service and that I keep getting told the same thing every week I call and that it is ridiculous! I will be calling the BBB on them – they have my tablet I paid for, I also bought the extended warranty so I will be contacting Wal-Mart for replacement of this product but NOT from Monster!! DO NO BUY FROM MONSTER!!!

    • yolanda murphy

      I sent mine in for repair on the port also, in February of 2015 and each month I would e-mail to find out the status and I would get the same answer, that it was in the lab for repairs it took me almost 12 months to get it back. it was replaced rather than repaired. now I’m having problems with it freezing up. Good luck hopefully it wont take that long to get yours back

  • donna

    I got mine for Christmas this year and was very happy with it until today. I cant get it to charge at all and since it was a gift, I am unable to send it back. The tablet worked great, and the charge port did not come out, but it won’t charge. This company needs to find a way to fix this mess.

    • mildred

      I agree I am having the same problem , the charging port broke .

  • Joe

    Yes, I sent mine back to monster in August of 2014 and still have not gotton it back. In my third email to them I requested a refund. It’s been over 6 months and nothing. By the way, the original “DO NOT BUY” statement by consumer report was somewhat retracted, leading me to believe the problems were fixed and it was okay to purchase. Monster doesn’t even communicate what’s going on with their service. This has been a disaster, no, a $100.00 paper weight.

  • williamscott

    Yes these tablets are still having the same problems. I bought one for my daughter for Christmas and exactly one month later it has practically stopped charging. We get to play the wiggle game, move the cord here, no that’s not it, just a little more up, that’s it!
    She has been very careful when plugging it in to charge and unplugging when charged. The charge port has not came all the way out as I have read in the many, many post on the net, but needless to say there is a problem. I suspect soon the port will completely come out. I do jack repairs on a lot of different devices and probably will end up attempting the repair on this one too.
    I don’t feel like waiting 12-36 weeks as I have read on the net. Its the same for the 1000s of post you can read on about any site about the Monster M7. When you call you get a voice mail stating to leave a name and number, really? A voice mail for a company like Monster? They say you’ll get a call within 48 hours. Well, that call never comes. Then you call again more of the same thing. After they string you along for 2 or 3 weeks in this manner you finally get a human, they tell you to send the tablet in, and 3-6 weeks you’ll have a new tablet or a repaired tablet. Wow! They must be buried in this junk they’re putting out.
    Others have mailed in the tablet and have not seen or heard anything for 5-6 months! If they are lucky enough to get someone they are told it’s in the testing phase of the repair. After six months!? I think Monster should be ashamed to call themselves a professional company. Seems more like a scam company at this point. They have known about this issue for 2 years and have done nothing to rectify the problem. I am seriously thinking about starting a class action lawsuit against this company. They need to be help accountable for their lack of action and face the facts that the M7 needs a redesign.
    I think the tablet it self has potential if they would just fix the few flaws that is MORE than obvious at this point! Come On Monster it’s 2015. Testing of this device should be in the books and you should have the returns and repairs down to a science!