Exciting Steam Fall sale start date for 2014

We have some exciting news for Steam gamers on PC now, as it looks like the important Steam Fall sale 2014 start date has just been revealed prematurely.

Everybody is waiting for Steam’s Holiday 2014 sale to begin, with Valve keeping silent at the moment until the very last minute.

However, it looks like Paypal has slipped up by revealing the information before Valve has had the chance. An email picked up by VG247 confirms that the Steam Fall Sale 2014 date will be on Wednesday November 26.


Paypal is attempting to tempt consumers into buying up Paypal gift cards, so that consumers can use these cards to buy items on the Steam sale without hassle.

By buying items with Paypal gift cards, it means that you can also buy items for other family members or friends – without having to worry about account restrictions or safety issues.

Of course Paypal hasn’t revealed what is going to be for sale, we are presuming that Valve will now make the news official on Monday or Tuesday before the event begins on Wednesday.

Are you excited? Last year, Steam’s fall sale was massive with some incredible discounts to be had. Let us know what games you are hoping to see with a discounted price.



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