Xbox One gift before Games with Gold Dec 2014

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 21, 2014

It looks like Microsoft console owners get a gift before the Xbox One free Games with Gold arrive for December 2014. While it’s not a freebie you can kept forever, if you subscribe to the higher tier of Xbox Live then you will be able to play Sunset Overdrive without any cost for a single day.

Sunset Overdrive is exclusive to the latest generation and will certainly keep some gamers busy while they wait for the Xbox One’s free Games with Gold lineup for Dec 2014. This title is one of the latest to hit the Xbox One and some of our readers haven’t had a chance to play it yet.


The start time to access Sunset Overdrive for free is 12.01AM EST, on November 22nd. If you haven’t made plans for Saturday just yet and own an Xbox One, then we strongly recommend you get hands-on for at least a couple of hours to see what you think about this unique game.


You will be able to access the full game with no restrictions, other than the freebie ending after 24 hours, so you will need to be quick. Even better news, is the fact that progress can be saved in-case you wish to purchase Sunset Overdrive at a later date and carry on from where you left off.

What would you like to see within the Xbox Live free Games with Gold lineup for December 2014? The reason for the above event is to celebrate the first anniversary of Microsoft’s latest console launching, so we also hope something special arrives within the free games announcement as well.

If you don’t know much about this game, then see a round up of review scores and some co-op gameplay to learn more.

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  • Wavy Slim 0007

    As posted on the previous comment i just recived the message wih the code and am currently downloading limbo so thank microsoft

  • Wavy Slim 0007

    I recived a message from xbox saying i get limbo when its released as a gift has anyone else recived something similar

  • Michael

    Seriously!? You can go buy fallout for like $10 with dlc. That would be such a Waste of a free game, especially since 90% of Xbox owners have played and or Finished it already.

    A Skate game would be nice since it’s so damn hard to play lol, Bayonetta would be amazing esp: Since they re-released it on the Wii U so Xbox could at least answer back with a free copy of it. 🙂 I’d love to get my remaining achievements. Mirrors edge would be equally good(for me and my achievement ways at least lol)I know alot of people who’ve never even Tried either of these games. Katamaria(however you spell it) could be ok, I never really cared for it, but for free I’d try it. That viva pinata game though. Hell nah haha. Not even worth playing the ten hours to get my $1 on my account. Lol.

  • doctor tired of indi.

    It would make my day if instead of indie games for the one… THEY HAD SOME ACTUAL DEVELOPER NAMES! Not angry or anything. I’m just tired of it. It’d be nice for Christmas if they started doing this. And since most college people will have off for the winter break they should do 2 very long games to complete. I wouldn’t mind fallout 3 game of the year and/or fallout new Vegas game of the year edition , and mass effect 1. you know, just two games that have a lot of play time associated with doing them. Or anything that isn’t Indi to be honest…

  • LooneybinJim

    I hope its going to be some big name title ,But then how many big companies give away something truely amazing? Lets face it us xbox one users have a bum deal with Games with Gold when compared to the Xbox360 who have seen some amazing games in the last year….

    • jj

      well you also get access to newer games with better graphics, gameplay, etc along with better features on xbone then 360. and most xbone games havent even dropped price yet. theyre trying to keep a profit

  • Skeet

    Dead Rising 3 and Ryse I reckon.

  • Tony

    If this is for the Xbox One anniversary, then they have to do something special on Xbox One at least for the December Games with Gold. Come on, we’ll love you for it Microsoft.