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Sony Alpha A5000 Vs A6000 review with ILCE5000L/B specs

Today, we are taking a look at the Sony Alpha A5000 Vs A6000 thanks to a video review covering controls, menu, and low light conditions. The Sony Alpha A5000 is also known as model number ILCE5000L/B, so we’ll also detail the full specs list for that particular model thanks to this expected to be a favorite during the holiday shopping period.

If you want to jump directly to the hands-on, then just watch the 36-minute video below that goes in-depth for different aspects of Sony’s Alpha A5000 and A6000 mirrorless digital camera. If the review is a little long for you and it’s something specific you need to know, then jump to 28:17 for a summary.

You can see a low light test at 21:53, the A5000 Vs A6000 menu comparison at 11:20, and a look at the physical controls at the start around the 1 minute 30 second mark. The reviewer also highlights the similar performance for these two cameras, so you get a better look at what would be best for your camera needs.


The Sony Alpha A5000 full specs list can be seen below, so if this is the camera you are more interested in you can get an overview of its main specification.


In regard to the ILCE5000L/B manual, you can see an instruction PDF manual on Sony’s support website along with a full online Sony Alpha A5000 manual for PC. These documents will detail features and further information about the A5000 in detail, although those of you looking to find out how the cameras compare should just watch the video below.



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