Samsung UN55HU6840 55-inch 4K TV review and specs mystery

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2014

If you are looking to splash the cash on a 4K TV this Holiday season, we have one model that is currently selling for a discount. Samsung are offering a lower price on the premium Samsung 55″ 4K Ultra HD 240Hz LED HDTV, but one word of warning though, as there isn’t any Samsung UN55HU6840 reviews yet.

That’s because this TV is brand new and is only just starting to make its way out of Samsung’s factory this month. After a period of exclusivity where these 4K TVs were selling for large amounts of money, we have now noticed that Samsung has become relaxed and are willing to cut prices.

As a result, this Samsung 55-inch 4K Ultra LED HDTV is available for $988 at Walmart, a saving of $500 from the original price, but only for a limited time period.


As you can expect for that kind of money, the Samsung UN55HU6840 specs are of the highest quality. This 55-inch beast offers a mouth-watering 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution, hence the 4K tag by Samsung.

It is also a 60Hz refresh rate TV with Samsung Clear Motion Rate 240. Don’t be confused thinking that it is 240Hz native as some retailers advertise, as it’s still only 60Hz in reality.

The picture quality is still going to look amazing though, so it shouldn’t be a big problem for some of you. Elsewhere, there are 4 HDMI ports, a dedicated Gaming mode, Smart TV features, built-in WiFi and much more.


Don’t forget that this TV will also upscale HD or even full HD content to a near-UHD resolution, which is one of the main attractions of Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD series.

Screen Mirroring is another feature which we love too, allowing you to send content from mobile devices straight to the TV for easy viewing, similar in a way in which Apple AirPlay works.

We are aware that there isn’t much information on this TV online considering it is brand new. It’s still strange however to see that Samsung hasn’t listed this model on their website, or even offered up a Samsung UN55HU6840 manual download to give buyers a heads-up before making a decision.


Having said that, we have noticed some resemblances to the Samsung UN40HU6950 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD 60Hz Smart LED TV, which is readily available on the market.

Specs are the same for both models, as you will be able to see and compare for yourself on Amazon’s product listing here – there’s also over 30 reviews to read through from those who have already bought one as well.

Are you willing to splash out on this Samsung 55″ 4K Ultra HD 240Hz LED HDTV for Cyber Monday 2014 – taking a risk in the process considering there are no reviews and little information yet?

Give us your thoughts on this model below.

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  • Douglas Kellar

    Someone HELP ME….i want a TRUE 120hz tv 50 or 55inch….i don’t need smart or 3D….but from what I read u pretty much have to nowadays. …1080 or 2160P…….who has these…they all “advertise” they do…… but more I read they don’t PLEASE HELP

  • Curiousguest

    I’m just so curious because this TV is only 60hz and a 240 clear motion rate. As of now most reviews are that 4k can’t get above 60hz 4:4:4 and that is the max at this point and time. But still I mean 120hz and actual 240hz with 1200 clear motion rate And 1440 clear motion rate sounds pretty badass. Plus someone commented they didn’t think a 60hz TV is real 4k just emu implementation. I don’t know what that means but I just hope this TV is going to be worth it. I read the higher model HU8550 has a 141Ms. That is pretty high since I want to use this for gaming. Still haven’t found out what actual miliseconds speed the HU6840 is.

  • Tylerwp

    put a 60hz next to a 120hz and 90% of the time you cant tell the deference.

    • Anonymous

      Put you next to a blind person and 100% of the time you won’t be able to tell the difference.

      If you actually had something capable of driving 120 FPS, you would see the difference.

    • Stephen Paulsen

      You do see a major difference with motion shots and black tones.

  • Bob

    After considering a 56 Samsung Plasma.. Went to a future proof technology with this 4k unit..
    Mine is on the way.. Tuesday delv.. From Amazon.. Free no(2yrs) interest on Amazon store card.. With Points and incentives.. +NJ tax, .. Even Grand with 2 day shipping

    Bottom line, buying big TVs from Amazon has always been stress free..

    I’ll see how it pans out 👍

  • Princester

    Just bought this tv today about 2 hrs ago picture quality is great . But I haven’t tried any of the other features yet

    • Jason

      Where did you buy it already?

  • Jesus Christ

    Does this have 2160p at 60hz via hdmi 2.0 and 4:4:4?

  • Wnbaaddict

    I’m doing my research I want to invest in a good TV which brand do you guys like Samsung or LG?

    • Both solid choices. I like the LG for being a bit better bang for the buck (and 3D on the fly conversion actually performs incredibly if you’re into that sort of thing) but Samsung’s picture has an edge in my opinion. I ended up going with an LG for my last two purchases but am still considering a Samsung for my next purchase. I’m considering going back up to a 60-120″. I went with a 55″ on my last TV and miss the larger picture.

  • petdoc72

    Purchased one, but can’t get the U-Verse signal to upconvert from 1080 to 2160…

    • Wnbaaddict

      Please keep me updated. I would love to purchase. But would like to get some reviews first

    • Bob Roberts

      heheh ya in there lies the mystery too I bet and with the refresh rate as well its only 60hz so its not a true native of 4k and more likely a software emu implementation of the real thing. That being said I bet it still looks awesome . I don’t watch cable its a waste of money but to utilize this for my pc and games with my system oh baby look out some real awesome graphics as well as video playback..

    • Big G

      Uverse will soon support 4K, quite possibly in 2015, but as for now, our service currently is supporting up to 1080. Uverse is the most ready service to be able to support 4K. We just recently had a webcast about the future of Uverse, and this was included in the conversation.

      • Misael

        yep, at&t technician here. Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) customers will have first glance at this 4k service. Meaning, if you have fiber straight to your house, you’ll have this sooner than others. I’m not sure if other providers have even mentioned 4k service. I watched the same webcast, and it is true.

        • dave

          will people or at&t be willing to eat the cost of fiber all the way to the house. that would get pretty expensive I would think

  • Wnbaaddict

    I want this TV!!!!!!!!

  • David

    Did you notice that hhgregg has this TV for less than Walmart

    • BargainHunter

      $888 Right now with no shipping (or tax!) if you pick up in store…

      • don

        order thru where online?

        • Bob Roberts

          go to walmart not to hacky sack oh wait your his partner lolol good sales man bad sales man routine schmucks

        • garthpro

          TIger direct is even cheaper. DOn’t work there, just saw it. and they will no doubt do a “free ship” on cyber Monday. I got the 8500 there last year and still haven’t seen that price beat.

        • Bob Roberts

          Samsung make pretty good stuff. I got a Sanyo two maybe three years ago 55″ for 800. Was a good deal then and I don’t feel ripped now either , the prices haven’t dropped all that much . I’ll wait till they get a true working 4k with 240 hz refresh solid , not a 60 hz with 240 at 30 fps I don’t even think its that much not sure. A person couldn’t even enjoy it with all the blurr on it at that rate. Sure will be nice tho for games when they start making them .

        • Douglas Kellar

          Where can I buy a true 120 or 240hz refresh rate??? 50-55inch

      • Bob Roberts

        get a life hack god you guys are sickening all over craigslist now in here like ohhh hey I’m just some anonymous dude willing to help a fella out ya sure thing pal you bottom low life feeder So tell us why is it only 60hz? Probably don’t even know what hz is heh

    • Dude from EVEREST COLLEGE™ Ads

      lol, THIS guy↑↑….& THAT guy↓↓ BOTH work for hhgregg….

      • Bob Roberts

        lol yep HHGREGG are bottom feeding hacks. Ya price looks awesome in fact its 900 at tiger right now. If HACKIN HACK GREGG are in on this deal you KNOW there’s something wrong with it, being a brand new item rolled out jsut before christmas no way its a dud man and you will see nothing but refurbs after christmas . I wouldn’t waste my time ehhh unless you have the muscle to buy it and return it after 30 days if its not workin out.

    • Nate Lovett

      I bought this TV from HHGREGG $888.98 2days ago. I have not hooked it up yet, im pissed to hear of the 60HZ refresh rate. May take it back

    • Bob Roberts

      Do you notice how much hhgregg idiots post here too?