Pokemon ORAS Hoenn Map download in HD

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2014

How are you getting on with your Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire adventure so far? Earlier on, we gave you some information regarding the Pokemon ORAS Pokedex, but now we can bring you a Pokemon ORAS Hoenn map download in HD for those that need it.

While most of you will be enjoying your physical copy of Hoenn inside copies of the game, it is always nice to have a spare digital back up in case you happen to lose it or you simply want to protect it and not have to keep unfolding it – thus risking wear and tear.

If this applies to you, we have you covered. Hoenn is a massive place, but now even bigger with new locations to explore thanks to Game Freak’s 3DS remake.


Whether you want to head to the Ancient Tomb to pick up Registeel or take on Rayquaza at the Sky Pillar, this map should serve you well as a constant checker.

You can download the Hoenn region map in HD here. Unfortunately, we are yet to find a Hoenn map in PDF, which is what most of you will be looking for.

When we do find that though, we will update this with the file. For now though, you can still zoom in on Hoenn points of interest with no problems – remember to right click and ‘Save As’ if you want a copy for yourself.

Did this digital map help you out? Leave us a comment below with how you are getting on so far.

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