Emerson LF401EM5 LED TV review with 60Hz, not 120Hz

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2014

We have some information for you now regarding the Emerson LF401EM5 40″ 1080p 120Hz Class LED HDTV which is likely to be a popular model this month. Those looking for a Emerson LF401EM5 review may want to take note in the fact that this is actually a 60Hz TV, rather than a 120Hz one.

We know that Emerson TVs are very popular during the busy shopping period and it was only a few days ago that we told you about the Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F, a TV which belongs to the same series, but with a bigger 50-inch display as opposed to 40.

We have seen the Emerson LF401EM5 40″ Class LED HDTV specs advertised at retailers at Walmart, offering a 120Hz refresh rate. However, this is not to be the case as it’s actually 60hz native in reality.


This has been proven in Emersons official tech specs for this model, as they make no mention of the fact that this is a 120Hz TV, but simply list ‘120Hz brilliant motion rate’ which will emulate 60Hz.

It’s also a similar tactic to Samsung, but the difference with Samsung models, is that Samsung would actually list a TV to be 60Hz or 120Hz, then clearly list their own Clear Motion Rate of 240 so consumers are aware.

On Emerson’s listing though, there’s no such mention of 60hz so we thought we should give you a heads-up on that if you are thinking of buying.


Aside from the refresh rate, this TV is still very good value for money. Other Emerson 40-inch LF401EM5 HDTV specs include full 1080p HD resolution, 3 HDMI ports, LED display quality, USB input, PC port and Dolby Digital sound.

We’ve added a screenshot of the official specs for better viewing, but you can download the entire document for yourself here. Also for those that need it, we’ve located the official Emerson LF401EM5 manual in PDF as well.

Let us know what you think of this TV model and if you are considering a purchase this month. Do you think it is a bit sneaky that it is being advertised with 120hz, with no clear warning that it is in fact 60Hz?

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  • notanoob

    I picked this up back in November for $115 and it’s been running great! No problems at all. One note is that the remote and menu were all really generic looking. But that’s no biggy. The picture and sound quality actually are pretty good too. I’m glad I went for it, and I made sure to go with the 2 year warranty in case something go wrong on it.

  • Gloryboy

    This tv has option to put bmr 120 just go to menu/ advanced setting turn bmr 120 on

    • Rifedude

      Thanks..was able to find the BMR and it was OFF..Turned it ON and see improvement..Thanks for the tip!!

    • Mike Williams

      great tip, looked on emerson website and in manual, nothing about the 120 brilliant rate
      (not 120hz)

  • Nana

    I am looking at this TV for 17 year old grandson for gaming. Would it be OK? I have three letter after my name, but this is all confusing.
    Thank you

    • Jordan Robinson

      I am a Pro Gamer myself. As a Pro Gamer I only use high performance gaming monitors. As all High Definition Televisions (HDTV’s) have some form of input lag. All modern televisions are designed with movies and sports in mind because that is where the most sales are. However if you are going to buy a HDTV for gaming purposes then you really want to consider 60Hz, which this is.

      The best HDTV brand to buy for gaming is the Sony KDL series and they are much more expensive. Also they do not compare with a professional gaming monitor either.

  • MoreInStore

    Stupid question … what does the 120/60Hz mean? How does that affect viewing/picture, etc?

    • Jordan Robinson

      A lot of the time it is just a marketing scheme. Most televisions have ran perfectly fine on 60Hz for many years. It is basically referring to the refresh rate of the television. For example a 60Hz television will redraw the image you are viewing 60 times in one second. It is very complicated and many Pro Gamers such as myself only use 60Hz televisions to reduce our input lag.

      Basically when you are watching high speed movies, or even a football game you may be better off with a 120Hz television. Many people including staff from Best Buy and “experts” will be unable to explain what I just did for you as they are usually under-educated. Most of the time you will never notice a difference as the television you purchase will have these things in mind.

      Sony and Samsung are the two (and only) leaders in High Definition Televisions. Emerson has a good name for a cheaper company. If you do not have a lot of money and can not afford several hundred more dollars then smart people go with Emerson or Vizio.

  • falseadvertising

    I almost bought this but i read the manual first and found it was 60Hz too. Stupid false advertising. Bottom line if it sounds to good to be true (40′ 120Hz for $115) it probably is