Double DPA23D-Black Power 7-inch tablet review

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2014

We’ve already told you about cheap tablet brands from the likes of RCA and Digiland, but now it is time to take a look at what Double Power has to offer with a Double Power 7″ Tablet with 8GB Memory review of specs.

This is another brand which some of you have probably never ever heard about. It does a good job at keeping hidden away throughout the year, but always emerges during the Holiday season when discounts are running wild – we told you about this tablet around this time last year as an example.

Now, we can remind you that the Double Power 7-inch Tablet specs are not too bad at all. It features a 7-inch display with a 1024 x 600 resolution for starters.


There’s a Dual-Core 1.2GHz Cortex A7 processor on board, with 512MB of RAM on top and Android 4.4 Kitkat OS. As mentioned above, 8GB of memory is offered but with the option of expanding via MicroSD which is nice.

There’s both rear and front cameras included on this tablet, while an important thing to note is that Google Play support is confirmed – this is always essentially obviously, as it means you’ll be able to browse the Android store and download apps as you please.

We do have one word of warning though, as there doesn’t appear to be any Double Power 7-inch DPA23D-Black tablet reviews in sight. We also couldn’t find this model on the official website, so sadly we can’t even bring you a Double Power 7-inch tablet manual as we usually would when looking at budget tablets.


We do know that the Double Power 7″ Tablet with 8GB Memory is being sold by Walmart though during Cyber Monday 2014, but even then it is very strange not to see it listed on Double Power’s website.

Let us know your thoughts on the specs listed above. Would you be willing to buy one for under $50 this month? That is still an incredible price for a dual-core Android 4.4. Kitkat tablet either way you look at it.

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  • Steve Rogers

    These tablets are junk! I purchased a Dopo EM63 from Best Buy. From the very start I had a problem with low signal strength on the WiFi. I emailed Double Power explaining my problem. I was told it was probably a problem with my WiFi and I was “instructed” in how to reset everything. I had already done that, but I tried one more time. No surprise, still didn’t help. I decided to call the company about the problem, intending to send it back for evaluation and repair. When I spoke to the customer service representative her response was…”If you return it and it works on our network we’ll just send it back”. Great customer service “Dopo”! In my opinion if you buy one of their products, you may be like me, a dopo! I should add, I have several other WiFi enabled devices and they work just fine. I guess I got what I paid for. This thing is now e-waste trash.

  • Hell-Cat

    Piece of junk. I’ve had mine for 5 months and it just stopped working.

  • Eva McDonald

    Bought one for granddaughter for Christmas, she forgot the password and I cant reset its a piece of junk, and don’t even try calling the numbers listed its a waste of time

  • Rania Madanat

    has anyone found any cases that will fit this thing? I can’t find any!! It is driving me nuts. That is the only problem I have with this tablet. I paid 39.99 on Groupon for it and this was the deal of the century for me. 😉 Just nice to put the phone down and read on a bit bigger of a screen. Especially while hanging out at work in our loft just enjoying some YouTube videos. Can be a bit slow at times, but hey, for 40 bucks!!! man I have no complaints.

  • Julio

    So, I as well bought this product for my kids for Christmas. Not a bad buy for 45 bucks, however have had problems with the SD card, screen, and battery. Battery seems to lose charge extremely quick, 100% to 90% within seconds (using proper power supply 5V 1.5mA). SD card is recognized but will not allow transferring of file’s. One pixel on screen is not working, not a big deal expect knowing it’s there. The only annoying part is that the company does not cover it even within 14 days. But it is expected 45 dollars per tablet.

  • Mark

    I just got mine and I’m very impressed with it
    ,compared to my galaxy 3 is only a little bit slower and just as nice of graphics as my galaxy.Well worth the money.

  • JD

    Just ordered 2 of these for Christmas (44$ each). Not expecting the kind of performance I get from my iPad, but hoping they’re still usable!

    • JD

      Well, so far only one thing driving me nuts about this unit. The user tab under settings is missing. I bought these for my kids and want to be able to lock them down to some extent using restrictions.
      Anyone else having similar issues?

  • Joan

    just had a couple of these delivered from walmart… very pleased…great product for the price…great picture……does everything my $160 asus tablet does….what’s not to love?

  • Me

    I’ve owned a couple of Double Power Tablets and they are very good for the price. Of course, I would never be one to pay $300-400 for a tablet so I can’t really compare to others. However, I’ve owned 3 of these for over a year and no problems with any of them.

    • cammy

      My kids love these my only problem is trying to turn the flash on they did an update and now no option can you help

  • Laureen

    I think I’d give up $50 for this thing, though seeing it first would be good..