Changhong UD42YC5500UA 4K TV reviews claim 30Hz limit

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2014

This week we have spoken about a lot of TV brands, with familiar brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG now available with discounts. However another brand has just become available and it’s one you may not have heard of before, so we are giving you a heads-up on a Changhong UD42YC5500UA 42-inch 4K TV review.

As you can guess, Changhong is a brand that originates from China. They have gone on to be very successful in the US market, providing big screen TVs at a fraction of the price compared to high street competitors.

Quality is key though and consumers will be weary if the features can still match the low prices that we see being waived around at the moment from retailers such as Newegg.


Changhong UD42YC5500UA specs look top notch from the outside. This is one of Changhong’s brand new 4K TV sets, offering an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 – exactly the same as some of the big boys like this Samsung model.

Other specs include upscaling to UHD resolution for SD, HD and Full HD content. It also includes 4 HDMI ports, with support for Roku Streaming sticks as well – essentially converting this 4K TV into a Smart TV on the side.

Changhong advertises a 240Hz Enhanced Motion Rate feature, but fail to mention the native refresh rate of this TV, meaning that it will be 120Hz or even 60hz in reality.

This is unlikely to deter average consumers though, as 240hz emulated is still going to offer a fantastic picture quality for a so called ‘budget’ brand.


What may worry you however, is the Changhong UD42YC5500UA reviews that have been left for this particular model so far. Head to Newegg’s listing here and you can read through some reviews which are not particularly good reading for those considering a purchase.

The biggest problem that has been identified so far, is that this Changhong 42″ Class 4K Ultra HD LED TV reportedly only offers 4K resolution with a 30Hz refresh rate on a HDMI 1.4 connection.

This could be a problem for some of you, as 60Hz is needed for gaming purposes at the very least. It means that if you plan to buy this television for gaming, you may be forced to play with a lower resolution and not at full potential as advertised.

We ourselves could not even find this model listed at Changhong’s website, nor is there a Changhong UD42YC5500UA manual available to download – this 42-inch model is strangely missing from the manual section which we found odd.

Having said that, price is everything. If you just want a casual viewing experience and don’t intend to use this TV for gaming, it could still be ideal for you.

Let us know what you think of this model if you are considering it. A full Changhong UD42YC5500UA specs list can be found here.

Would 30Hz on a 4K resolution be a problem for you or not?

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  • Doug

    I’m just a simpleton but I understood this was a 42″ 4K TV for watching tv connected to cable or an antenna before I purchased the set. I understood it was not a computer monitor to be used for gaming before I bought the set. Using it as a TV for watching TV, it has been a remarkable purchase. Programs, movies, sports, Netflix have all been delivered with the best 4K picture that I have ever experienced. The sound is as good as I need but if you require movie theatre quality sound then you will need a sound bar. Here is a hint to those complaining about terrible set for gaming……. You might NOT want to purchase this set for that purpose, buy one with a refresh rate geared for gaming!!. Anyone who wants an EXCELLENT TV for normal TV watching at a bargain price, should not worry because of the low price….. It’s a great tv. Now, if you are a TV snob and need a big name that your friends will be impressed with….. spend more money and buy a big name.

    • Mike

      Hey Doug, while I agree with you that this is a decent TV for the price (understanding the limitations is important). I would, however, like to address some of your points. TV/Movies/Sports and Netflix all have very limited content for 4K. Most of what you’re actually watching is 1080p. 30Hz is acceptable for watching TV / movies, however 60Hz is becoming increasingly popular and the difference is makes is very noticable, I would argue that the difference in quality vs 60Hz and 30Hz is much higher than 1080p vs 4K. You mention that it is an ‘EXCELLENT’ tv for normal tv watching – here I have to straight out disagree. This TV is in no way EXCELLENT (except for the price) it is at best a decent TV with some limitations.

      Also unrelated to TV: ” if you require movie theatre quality sound then you will need a sound bar” What? A sound bar is just barely above tv speakers… After reading that I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t know what you’re talking about at all.

      • Eric

        I’m not sure you all understand what’s going on here. As advertised this unit is listed at 240hz which would be twice as fast a refresh rate as a very good 120hz “game worthy” unit, and hence the reason I’m looking it up. 60hz is the standard and guess what hum, 60hz is the frequency of power distributed to the home. The 120hz is created by inverting the negative so 120 is simple to achieve. So 240hz is not only bad and misleading advertisement, its also 30hz is totally unacceptable for anything more than 720p to people who can see the flicker like me, an electrician and techy since 1982

  • David

    I bought this TV, the quality and the imaging of the TV is AMAZING!

    Yes for GAMING its a let down but for the price and the Roku features its quite a steal!

    Would recommend for anyone interested in a movie night TV! 😀

  • Zac Rupnow

    60Hz is not only important for gaming.

  • Simon Harris

    HDMI 1.4 is always maximum 30z so what’s the news, if it claimed to be HDMI 2.0 and only ran at 30Hz to 1.4 spec then that would be news.

    • Guest

      That’s not true.

      • Briton Whitfield

        He’s referring to 4k video, that’s all this is about.