Yahoo Mail problems reignite, users say down again

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2014

We were hoping that we wouldn’t have to write about further Yahoo Mail problems, but once again it looks like Yahoo Mail is down again on November 20, with no current ETA on when Yahoo Mail will be back up.

It’s obviously not the first time that this has happened. It was only on last month when we told you that the Yahoo Mail login was not working. Now Yahoo Mail is down today and as you can imagine consumers are at the point of no return in terms of frustration.

The Yahoo Mail Team do not appear to be in tune with what is happening either. On November 18, they left the following message on their Twitter page, informing the millions of Yahoo Mail users that the problems had been fixed for most users.


However hours later we can see that the problems are not fixed and Yahoo Mail login is down at the time of writing for us. Some of you may still be able to access your Yahoo Mail account, but it appears to be sporadic.

Messages are still coming in by the minute about a Yahoo Mail outage however, so Yahoo needs to act quickly to avoid further problems.

Do you have access at the moment? Let us know if your Yahoo Mail login is down today and how long you have been experiencing issues with the service.

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  • wlexxx

    down atlanta

  • Flobo

    Monday morning, 8am PST, 11/24/14. Down again. But who needs their email to work first thing Monday morning anyway, right Yahoo?

  • dnarich

    Down AGAIN this morning 11/24 7 AM on the west coast. – BUSINESS e-mail, a paid account.

    FED UP YAHOO! This makes about a half-dozen times in the past month. I’ll move my ISP and e-mail as soon as I’ am able to disentangle myself from Yahoo! That’s it. DONE!

  • cfordg

    Central Virginia USA – no problems over the weekend, but down this morning (11/24) – just when I need it.

  • Seekie

    Monday morning, south coast UK and still not able to access my Yahoo emails. After issues just Weeks ago I considered switching to a different provider. After this weekends fiasco, I am definitely leaving Yahoo. I’m sure they have issues that they’re refusing to communicate to the public. Quite simply, they are useless now.

  • Lamine Tabarly

    down here in France.

    • pomelaandersom

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  • Tony Weston

    Sky mail which uses Yahoo has been down for over an hour now. Why do these companies choose such rubbish when they could go with Google mail and have no problems

  • Banjo

    down here in germany

  • observationdek

    I can survive without e-mail for most of the time – but it has to be available when I need it urgently – as I do now. It’s hard work changing e-mail but I cannot afford this to happen again so I will change tomorrow. It’s been down for about one hour.

  • SW6

    Down today in London for me. Wasted loads of time trying to sort it out thinking it was my fault.

  • Sue

    Yahoo access bad yesterday in France. It was on and off then finally on but with no access to certain areas such as ‘drafts’ or ‘sent’ box. Today is worse ‘sent’ box showing only part of my emails were sent. Now nothing – the whole thing is down. Not good but will probably push me finally to going to thunderbird. How happy I would be to never see yahoo ‘news’ again!!

  • amanda

    email has been down since aprox. 4pm, it is now 2:30am, login errors everytime when it says I’m already signed in. Hopefully gets fixed soon. USA.

  • keni

    Yahoo mail down for me since yesterday!

  • jennym

    I’m in Canada – I can log in but haven’t received mail for 3 days. I really wish Yahoo would acknowledge how widespread these problems are and let us know when we can expect them resolved.

  • disqus_YGvqix1hvI

    Tennessee is down. Working this morning. This afternoon, no dice.

  • Steven Piper

    It might be fixed for web, but pop3 access is still down, can’t access it using Windows Live Mail. Really annoying, Yahoo mail is the only mail service I ever have this problem with. You listening Yahoo?

  • PD

    I have been able to get in to my yahoo mail all day using Outlook. Mobile Windows and Web log-in are a bust.

  • NR

    Here in UK it’s been down for most of today (Thurs). Interesting that if you go to main Yahoo page there is no mention of the issue. Good customer relations would be to put up an apology and regular status updates. Like many others I have to move to another provider, but communicating this to some many contacts will not be fun 🙁

  • George Psarros

    Down for me from early morning. Message from Greece.

  • guest

    Down for me in Scotland since I woke up this morning. This just isn’t acceptable in this day and age. Something is going on at yahoo that they aren’t letting on about.

  • Aspasia

    Down here in Greece for the past 15 hours,,,,So frustrating!!!! I will definitely consider switching to gmail………the sooner the better!!

  • chukky

    Down here in UK all day yesterday and have just been told by British Telecom that it will be fixed in next 12 to 24 hours!!

  • Angry of West London

    Never a week goes by (in about a year) where there isn’t a bug of some kind. Today I can’t get yahoo email to load on my PC. This happens regularly. I’ve been with Yahoo for about 15 years and their mail service was excellent, but they changed interface a while back and it’s dreadful. Searching my own email is a pain when it worked beautifully before. I’ve got to a point where I have to steel myself before accessing email in case I can’t. I copy the text of every email I send in case it errors when sending. Constant bugs and issues. Such as shame, as until recently it worked perfectly. Great example of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s like someone dropped yahoo email in a puddle and it’s just clunky ever since. It’s such a mess I have to wonder if this is sabotage!

  • vinz87

    No way to connect from Italy either since this morning. 1 mail arrived through pop3 on iphone, but no way to access mail from desktop or send emails through imap

  • Oana

    I am in Romania and i canot connect to Yahoo from last night…is anybody working on this?!!

  • Roger_Morgan

    I’m in Switzerland and Yahoo mail has been down for the last 4 hours. It’s still down.
    Is anybody at Yahoo even working on the problem??

  • French user

    connection refused.. Yahoo please repair this or prepare to see your mail users migrate to other platforms..

  • Manu

    not been able to access since last evening…. this is frustrating to say the least

  • mw

    Down since a few days, sporadic connections, otherwise hanging or rejecting password, both in Web and POP access, very frustrating.
    Today (Nov-20) no luck at all, in Germany using a YAHOO U.S. account

  • Kerri Spry

    not been able to access it since 5.30 this morning – not happy!

  • shazla

    Yahoo need to sort this out…been down since midnight.frustrated..when I rang didn’t get much of a explanation, ????????