Yahoo Mail problems reignite, users say down again

We were hoping that we wouldn’t have to write about further Yahoo Mail problems, but once again it looks like Yahoo Mail is down again on November 20, with no current ETA on when Yahoo Mail will be back up.

It’s obviously not the first time that this has happened. It was only on last month when we told you that the Yahoo Mail login was not working. Now Yahoo Mail is down today and as you can imagine consumers are at the point of no return in terms of frustration.

The Yahoo Mail Team do not appear to be in tune with what is happening either. On November 18, they left the following message on their Twitter page, informing the millions of Yahoo Mail users that the problems had been fixed for most users.


However hours later we can see that the problems are not fixed and Yahoo Mail login is down at the time of writing for us. Some of you may still be able to access your Yahoo Mail account, but it appears to be sporadic.

Messages are still coming in by the minute about a Yahoo Mail outage however, so Yahoo needs to act quickly to avoid further problems.

Do you have access at the moment? Let us know if your Yahoo Mail login is down today and how long you have been experiencing issues with the service.



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