GTA V Online Minigun location on PS4, Xbox One

We have a quick heads-up for new GTA V players on Xbox One and PS4 now, who can’t wait to get their hands on the luxurious Minigun. It’s been available in PS3 and Xbox 360 for over a year of course, but now we know that a lot of you will be hunting for the GTA V Online Minigun location on PS4 and Xbox One so we’re here to help.

The Minigun is easily the most devastating weapon in the entire game and there’s a reason why you can’t unlock it in GTA Online until you reach the very last rank.

It becomes your best friend when taking out helicopters and police cars and naturally it’s always good to have a Minigun by your side when the going gets tough.


While you won’t unlock the Minigun in GTA Online until Rank 120, we wanted to give a heads-up to new next-gen players that you can find the Minigun spawn location in GTA Online regardless of your level.

You’ll find it at the military base and the exact location can be seen in the video which we’ve included below. Be warned though, there’s a brief ordeal involved as you’ll have to take out several armed guards, whilst contending with a four-star wanted level for breaking into the base without authorization.

Once you make it up to the 6th floor, you’ll find the Minigun waiting for you inside a room as your new prized asset. Simply repeat the process and you’ll always have a Minigun at hand for when you need it.

Let us know if you found this helpful, after starting up the game for the first time on PS4 and Xbox One. How are you finding the game so far – was it worth the wait?



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