Xur hunt for November 21 to 23

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

Now we are under 12 hours until the new Destiny Xur location for November 21 is revealed and gamers start to hunt for Agent of the Nine, it’s now time to look at what weapon he should be selling this weekend. As per normal, his schedule includes a couple of days within the game until Sunday 23rd with new exotic items and weapons that we will list on this page.

Our regular readers will know about the weekly search for the new Destiny Xur location that starts and ends on Friday morning in the UK, or extremely early hours in the United States. Once the exact place of his spawning is revealed, then the armor, weapons, and other items will be detailed in full. Newbies to this game should understand that you will need enough Mote of Light and strange coins to trade for the item of your choice, and players are already debating what they want tomorrow.


The items players want to trade coins with this weekend will vary, but it’s the weapon that becomes the hottest discussion leading up to every Friday. As we’ve mentioned before, we are still waiting to see the Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle return and some of our readers have mentioned their personal choice for another exotic weapon for sale once the Destiny Xur location arrives on November 21.

Times don’t change unless there’s some movement with Daylight Saving, so again tomorrow it will be 4AM EST, or 9AM BST. Once that time arrives, then we will post a video walking you to the new location and giving our readers a quick look at new items on sale this week.

What weapon should Xur be selling this weekend and is there an item you need? Once the above time passes we will embed a video with the list of new items and location explained, so Product Reviews readers can be first to know like they are each week.

We have already seen the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher become a favorite among gamers for this week and a few sniper rifles, but what do you want? Leave a comment with your requests.

Update: You will find him in the bar and you can see a video here.

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  • Charles

    sorry guys, he broke the traditional Primary-Special-Heavy pattern and is selling the MIDA multi tool, most likely. As someone who maxed his MIDA multi tool, i have to say it is a pretty decent weapon, however the upgrades don’t change the stats of the gun all that well, i would have much rather had the ice breaker, suros, or plan C. I would recommend that you save your strange coins, I only rate the MIDA multitool 5/10, but that is just my opinion.

  • Trent Payne

    he ripped me off again on a random

  • Thomas Michael Bass

    the lower hanger

  • Debbie Nicole Foster

    Anyone know where Xur is? CAN’T FIND HIM!!! 🙁

  • Guest

    It is 1:00 A.M. and no Xur. He is always here at 1 🙁

  • wp8winRTftw

    Crap, nothing just the worthless Aham spines, which he has never sold, and they broke the pattern and sold a primary weapon the MIDA multitool.

  • Kc13gti

    I’ve been waiting for the icebreaker again but I got it from a weekly mission so my luck that’s what will pop up again.

  • pirategamer


    • puff

      Is it really 🙁

    • puff

      8 minutes left

  • D

    how much longer?

  • puffinnuffin

    Don’t want bloody sunbreakers either!!

  • puffinnuffin

    Oh yeah it would be annoying if he was going to sell plan C because I got that in the vault of glass gorgon chest. O.O

  • puffinnuffin

    Suros Regime, Mida multi tool or hard light. Already got Icebreaker and I really want a good primary!! Got a legendary hand cannon so no point in getting the Last word…

  • Renesb03

    Wanna freaking helmet for my warlock!!! XD been waiting for ages to get it. Dont need another exotic weapon. Lol have all the exotics i ever wanted

  • Captain Moobs

    Ice breaker!

  • Brandon Schlosser

    Hard Light!

  • real frosty

    for all those wanting the pocket infinity…xur DOES NOT sell exotic weapon bounties. and all those wanting the Ghorn or suros..NOT gunna happen. it goes primary-special-heavy. im hoping icebreaker

  • brenn

    were is he located?

  • MM

    suros regime or ice breaker

  • Luke

    Do the suros regime its a great weapon

  • Elijah

    Suros regime

  • dj

    Gjallorhorn or plan c

    • stefanopollisstdyo

      its gonna be a special because it was a primary last week and a heavy the week before, i want pocket infinity

      • pirategamer

        then get the exotic bounty shattered memory fragment

        • stefanopollisstdyo

          ive had 2 exotic bounties but i didn’t have that choice either time

  • Max

    suros regime, the last time he sold it was the weekend I got the game.

  • wp8winRTftw

    If he sells either Ice Breaker or the Gunslinger Helm Achlyophage Symbiote, I will be happy, and if he sells both, I will be ecstatic.

  • Zach Dolbeare


  • Ray

    I totally missed out last week, as was busy all weekend, but this week is a different story. Roll on tomorrow.

    • puff

      Last week was the last word

  • Mike

    I would love the Gjallarhorn, or Ice Breaker.

    • stefanopollisstdyo

      its not gonna be gjallarhorn, its gonna be a special weapon, hopefully plan c or pocket infinity

      • real frosty

        not gunna be pocket…he doesnt sell exotic weapon bounty weapons…

        • stefanopollisstdyo

          good call probably plan c or a shotgun

        • leonlara07


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