COD Advanced Warfare Xbox freezing, spawn fix

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 20, 2014

Since the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare update on Xbox it seems to have caused freezing and increased spawn problems. We have heard from both Xbox One and 360 owners that installed the latest patch, only to then find their new COD Advanced Warfare game freezing and continually having spawn issues.

The good news comes in the way of a fix that one gamer claims patches up the problem until the developers fix it with another update. You can see a video below titled, “how to fix Advanced Warfare spawn issue and freezing up”.


In a nutshell, you need to make sure there’s nothing put on custom class 1. We have managed to give this a test on Xbox 360 only at the time of writing, and can confirm that Advanced Warfare freezing stopped.

The video creator said this fix will cure the freezing on all platforms, including PS4 and Xbox One. Some Product Reviews readers have already confirmed their issues were solved, as within this comment “it was really starting to bug me, but the slight adjustment with classes stopped the bug in its tracks. Now we just need the developers to solve the glitch in their last update”.


Did the video help you stop COD Advanced Warfare from freezing? If your game is running better since not using the first custom class, then let us know in the comments along with the platform you have. We already reported PS4 freezing a couple of weeks ago and crashing earlier today.

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  • Anne Studley

    Still freezing. Just got a few months ago

  • Hackedoff

    No fix has worked for me the only way was to delete all classes and use the default ones

  • PizzedoffinMich

    Trick didn’t help me. Still freezing.

  • Roland

    Please fix this!!

  • cooble

    Thanks for the video/suggestion.

    The fix on the video works on my 360 for the most part. I can only pick 1 class and trying to switch results in freezing. Some games, it still won’t even let me pick a loadout in the first place.

  • Evan Donaldson

    I want It fixed by tomorrow

    • Mitch

      I found out on mine that it wasn’t the loadout that was causing the problem, but the weapon itself. I have 3 different versions of the HBRa3. The version titled “Average Joe”, no matter which loadout it was in, would lock up my Xbox. However, the other 2 versions worked fine and would let me play, even in loadout slot 1.

      • Me

        That’s what it was for too. Average Joe started the problem and taking it off fixed it…thanks