COD: Advanced Warfare update today for Exo glitches

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 20, 2014

There seems to be a little confusion over the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare update today that has already seen its 1.07 patch notes detailed in full. The problem some gamers have is finding the update and others desire fixes for glitches, especially after claims the game is updated and we’ve checked a PS4 that reveals no update just yet.

In regard to the release time, you should keep checking your update history or the “check for update” option for the COD: Advanced Warfare icon to see if the update today is already live. At the time of writing, there’s no download in the UK or Europe just yet.


Exo Survival glitches – this mode can become pretty addictive and while we all want an easier way to last to the higher levels, using an invincibility glitch in COD Advanced Warfare Exo mode isn’t the way we all want to do it. This is why some players aren’t happy seeing others ruin their game by using an invincibility glitch on the Horizon map.

The patch notes for the Advanced Warfare update today details some bug fixes for Exo Survival. They talk about a problem being fixed with AI after completing level 25, and losing your HUD when in the Goliath, although nothing about those wanting to use cheats for higher level achievement.

Have you seen any other fixes not mentioned like the invincibility glitch on Horizon? It’s not clear if the Horizon map glitch is fixed and we won’t know until the 1.07 update releases today on PS4, so if you get to find out before us then leave a comment below. We will update this article shortly, once the update is live and we can check if there’s some fixes not mentioned like the invincibility glitch.

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  • James

    They ruined the game with the rediculous amount of nanostorms later in the levels… wtf were they thinking? I don’t even use multiplayer, i prefer survival mode. But the patch screwed it all up… also makes all the guys way harder to kill… basically the whole point of “regular” mode was to make it easier to get farther… all the “regular” guys now play closer to the veteran level… makes no sense. For the casual gamer like me… it’s overkill… and way to difficult too soon.

  • darkraven36

    The update has ruined wat was a good third game mode put it back to how it was the after action reports read up as zero on everythimg after every game and the relentless nano swarms are a pain in the arse there was nowt wrong with it why do cod always try to fix wat aint broken k make AI abit harder but playin on regular is like playin on vetrain instead of two goliths on round 10 like norm there r 3 and alot harder to take down then u get 4 at a time after u have messed exo survival right up put it bk or u will lose alot of players

  • FV

    Game is locked up after update! Cannot play multiplayer at all.