Acer 11.6-inch Chromebook review with CB3-111-C8UB specs

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2014

If you are looking for a new laptop, with the most important thing to you being portability, we think you may be interested in what Acer has to offer. Their 11-inch Chromebook is proving to be a hit this month with consumers and if you are thinking of buying one too, you’ll first need to check out some Acer 11.6-inch Chromebook CB3-111-C8UB reviews beforehand.

This bitesized Chromebook is the closest thing you are going to get to a Mac-like experience and the same kind of great portability that you would see with a MacBook Air.

The Acer 11.6-inch Chromebook specs include Chrome OS as the name suggests, while there is a Intel N2830 Dual-core 2.16 GHz processor under the hood.


2GB of RAM is offered, while graphics inside this little laptop are Intel’s own HD graphics setup. The 11.6-inch display offers a 1366 x 768 LED backlit resolution, plus there is 16GB of storage memory with room to expand via MicroSD should you need it.

Despite the ultra portability with dimensions such as 2.4 lbs and a 0.7-inch thinness, we can see that there’s still a HDMI port on board, with 1 USB 3.0 port and 1 USB 2.0 port.

Like the MacBook Air, it’s important to note that the Acer 11.6-inch Chromebook does not have a CD drive. However, battery life is one of the highlights for us as you should be able to squeeze out an impressive 8.5 hours on a full charge.


Are you looking for this kind of portability, but don’t want to pay the costs involved for a MacBook Air? You will do well to find better than this Moonstone White Acer 11.6″ Chromebook with Intel Celeron, 2GB Memory and 16GB eMMC Flash Memory for the low asking price of $199.

Read through a Acer 11.6-inch Chromebook review page here and let us know what you think – there’s many consumers who have given this model a 5-star rating over at Best Buy, so it could be a good buy for you.

Don’t forget to check out the full Acer 11.6-inch CB3-111-C8UB Chromebook specs list over at Acer’s product listing. We’ve also added a video below so you can get a general feel of the design and dimensions of this laptop.

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  • J. Laurence

    I WOULD VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHROMEBOOKS! Since 1990, I’ve used about a dozen laptops, tablets, PC’s (WEBTV, WEBTV-Plus, Windows 2000 Pro, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10), most of them from at least dozens of hours to hundreds of hours, and a few over 1,000 hours. Less than a month ago, I decided to purchase a Chromebook in order to try it out and decide for myself what it was really all about and how the Chrome OS compared with the Windows OS’s…. I had also only recently upgraded a laptop 8.1 to 10 – to my disappointment. Perhaps a coincidence, but within a couple of days of the upgrade, I began having adware/malware problems, albeit I considered them mere nuisances (Webroot being the antiviral program used to protect the Windows 10). In view of the fact that I did let a month go by after the upgrade, I could not revert to 8.1. The upgrade may have disabled the laptop’s capability to do a factory restore setting (the techie agreed). So, the manufacturer’s rep offered that I return it to their factory in California (one-way shipping on me) so they would do the factory restoration, and permanently enable it, just in case I would want to do it by myself in the future. Now, to the Chromebook: I consider it my favorite PC of all, having used it for about a hundred hours since I purchased it (rather skeptically) four weeks ago. Granted, I use a computer mostly for the Internet – just as most people do – plus Google offers 100GB storage space on the cloud for two years, and there are tons of extensions/apps to choose from, including various programs that are also available offline…. The Acer Chromebook, CB3-111-C8UB, for example, is just 2.4 lbs., takes a couple of seconds to boot up; the battery life is about 9 hours, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the battery still at 100% strength after having put it away, unplugged, for a whole day. The (dual-core) processor speed at 2.16 gigahertz is much faster than Windows laptops twice the price. I’ve used Microsoft Word for general word processing and, frankly, I find what’s offered by the Chromebook more than enough to serve my purpose while I do find Microsoft’s Word to comprise way too many redundant features (almost half of the fonts, for example, are virtually alike under different names; the Chromebook avoids many unnecessary superfluities that often overwhelm and waste a lot of time insofar as nine out of ten users are concerned…. One last word about computers and CUSTOMER & TECH SUPPORT: Historically, Apple is one of the best, if not the very best. Mac as well. When I had Compaq (used to be HP-Compaq), I received EXCELLENT TECH SUPPORT (of course, I know from year to year the best might sometimes turn into the worst, etc.). In the past few years, though, my experiences with the ASUS 24-hour TECH SUPPORT has been quite good – outsourced as usual, but at least in Jamaica, where they speak English and they’re available 24 hours, but try before 11 PM so they’re more alert). UNFORTUNATELY, there’s a problem with ACER’s “tech support” (1-800-816-2237 I believe in Dominican Republic) – I’ve contacted them about three times, but their tech support is below par, as well as possible miscommunication in English! Nevertheless, I hope I coincidentally ran into three so-called techies supposed to serve just the Spanish-speaking callers…. NOT TO BE SO CRITICAL OF ACER’S AFTER-SALES services, however, I must honestly praise their CUSTOMER SERVICE reps in Texas, but they’re available only during business hours (M.-F. – 1-866-661-7100). Finally, Acer laptops seem to be the most ubiquitous in stores, such as Best Buy; Acer prices, too, are generally competitive – HOWEVER, if you are not a tech-savvy person, then I suggest you do some research into the after-sales (esp. the tech-support) service standards of the various brands – and I very highly would recommend that you pay a little more for the product itself in the hope of receiving superior tech support. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, and thank you for reading my rather long commentary.