Sphero Ollie review with video unboxing

When looking for Christmas gifts parents are now starting to think outside the box, as they know their children will want something that can be controlled via an app on a mobile device, as this seems to be the in thing. The Sphero Ollie is a good example of this and will give people hours of fun, and you don’t need to be a kid either.

You will see an Sphero Ollie video review below, which is also an unboxing, much like the N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster we showed you today.

Sphero Ollie review

This gadget is the successor to the popular Sphero robot ball, and while very similar in terms of their features, there is far more to this new toy, although that is reflected in its price. We cannot nail down a specific price seeing as though it various from store to store.

Sphero Ollie app controls

The guy doing the review in the video explains how you can control this device with your smartphone or tablet, where you will be able to master some awesome tricks. The changeable tires means you can find a color suitable for a boy or girl, and the LED lights makes the gadget look pretty cool, especially in the dark.

A word of warning, this toy can reach speeds of around 14mph, which is pretty quick and could cause a bit of damage if not treated right. Thankfully, it only has a range of 30 meters meaning you will always be able to keep sight of it.

Please watch the video below in its entirety to learn more about this awesome product. However, the big question is, will you be buying one this year?



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