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Sol Republic Tracks Ultra On-Ear Vs HD Deadmau5 headphones

The Sol Republic Tracks Ultra On-Ear and HD Deadmau5 headphones are almost identical when looking at the specs, although from a design point of view they couldn’t be more different in terms of cosmetic appeal.

Some of Product Reviews readers have asked us about the differences between the Sol Republic HD Deadmau5 headphones and the Tracks Ultra On-Ear version, so within this article we’ll review the slight difference and expected consumer for each.

Main features for both Sol Republic headphones – both of the options include comfortable SonicSoft speaker pads that deliver good noise isolation, come with a 3-button remote along with a ClearTalk microphone, feature an almost indestructible FlexTech sound track headband, and also come with a slim-fit neoprene carrying case.


Key difference for Tracks Ultra On-Ear Vs HD Deadmau5 headphones – the Deadmau5 option seen in the photo above come with V10 sound engines that deliver crisp vocals, higher clarity, and deeper bass. While the Tracks Ultra On-Ear headphones come with V12 sound engines for what Sol Republic like to call, “clarity of instruments” for bass and vocals.

The above reveals there’s a clear difference in sound for each headset, but you’d need to decide what option is best for you. You can see a photo of the Tracks Ultra On-Ear headphones below.


Sol Republic also explain the HD Deadmau5 headphones were a partnership between Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, and Joshua Davis for a unique design and ability to handle powerful bass of deadmau5 music. These retail for around $150, which is cheaper than the $180 Tracks Ultra On-Ear that aim for clarity over bass.

It’s also worth noting that stock is harder to find for the special edition and you might need to wait until Black Friday for deals of this hard to find item.

Would you prefer clarity of instruments over bass and do you prefer the unique design of Deadmau5? Leave a comment below, or take a look at the official website for finer details on specs and to see consumer reviews.



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