Review of NuBand watch and activity tracker specs, apps

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2014

The Nuband Watch and Activity Tracker isn’t the most expensive fitness tracker around, but its features will be more than enough for most keep fit enthusiasts. Today, we want to review the NuBand Active specs, current price, and apps available as well.

Featuring the model number NU-G0002, the Nuband Active+ brings some enhancements like wireless connectivity and new features. The digital watch helps you keep fit with its activity tracker and features a sleep alarm, so you will be able to do much more than just track your health.


For a real understanding of the NuBand Active+ and tracking your day, setting daily goals, using the sleep tracker, and more you should see the US user manual in this PDF document. The manual also explains how to use the app for syncing with the Nuband Active+ that’s found on Google play and Apple’s App Store.


We have seen this version of the NuBand activity tracker with watch for as little as $80. You can pay less at the right time, so keep an eye out for deals next week during Black Friday 2014 sales and you could see the price cut in half.

Key features for NuBand Active+ can be seen below with a reminder of why this is a great option for those on a budget.


If you want to learn more about the app that when paired with the NuBand watch and activity tracker, let’s you track your steps, calories burned, distance, and reminds you to keep moving, then take a look at the iOS and Android apps. Full specs for the Active Plus version can be seen on the official website at


Do you think the NuBand watch and activity tracker is worth the full price, or would you wait until a much lower price arrives? If you see a deal during the holiday sales, then leave a comment below.

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  • Kim McDowell

    Can I run 2nubands on the same app? On the same iPad?

  • jet devon

    cant set the time

  • Laura Haigh

    Mine did the same I had some tech help and here is what to do:
    Go to settings on your nuband app, go to profile and save, then go to activity, press your band once then the sync button on your app should now work, set time etc. I was about to give up on it but it’s now fine! :))

  • kerrylb

    Nuband is a terrible product. Will not sync to iphone.

  • Melissa

    I have one and my husband has one, his does not pick up his steps. We traded and still no steps being counted. Not to tight or too loose. I got 5,000 and he got 150, we switched back and I got 300 real quick. Does anyone know how it senses movement.

  • Mary Betts Abel Moore

    how do you charge it?

    • Soumya ranjan Behera

      mam open it through side ways . then charge it through adapter or PC

  • Matero

    Very disappointed, stopped working after 4 days. Not showing Bluetooth and not connecting to iOS device, tried for multiple devices.
    Leave this product to shop shelve and save your money.
    Crappy product!

  • Poul Erik Nielsen

    How do I reset my nuband Active+ NU-G0002. My steps run up to the Moon and back to Earth.
    After my 8 hour sleep I have walk 42432 steeps. So there is nothing to say that I am tired,
    when I wake up 😀

  • Bill

    My daughter purchased my first one for Fathers Day. It worked for about a week and then the screen would not come on but all it did was vibrate. So I let the battery run down and tried to recharge it. All it did was vibrate. She went back to JC Pennys and returned it and got the second one. Got it home charged it up and and we’re off well at least that is what I thought. Wore it all day without any issues. Went to bed got up and bam the battery was dead. Recharged again. Same thing. Will be returning it today to try one more time. Oh my Daughter bought a 2 year warranty just in case I had any problems.

  • Rai

    This isn’t a review. It’s the stupidest attempt at a review I’ve ever seen. If I’m searching for a review it means that I already know the product exists. This “review” simply informs me that this exists. It doesn’t do the good and bad and come up with anew overall verdict. It simply says ‘this exists, this is vaguely what it does in the loosest terms imaginable and this is where you can read more about it.’ I would imagine the writer of this utter drivel has never worn this equipment, let alone used it for a fair and balanced assessment. Ludicrous

  • Angela

    Can someone tell me how to set the time on this

    • Rai

      You have to link it up to your phone with the app

  • Shari Schlosser

    I have had my Nuband for four days and so far I am liking it alot. Problem for me is that it does not stay synced with the app on the phone. I have to keep resyncing it throughout the day if I want to keep track on the app.I have had no problems with it….so far!!!

  • Larry Fendall

    My first one started the counting steps up to 65k scenario w/o being worn. It was exchanged and guess what after a few months the new one has the same issue. Not too sure about the product at this point by at your own risk unless they have an update to fix this

  • Rose walton

    My nuband worked for less than a week. The screen is locked up and it won’t turn off or on.

  • SK

    Help. I got a Nuband and its military time. Can it be changed. There are no instructions to tell you how to change to regular time. I’m taking it back if I have to leave on military time!!

  • kayla

    Doesn’t work….worked for a week and now it’s stuck on 65432 steps. Not really sure why. Will be returning.

  • Jay Pierce

    At Stage they are $25.00! I purchased one for my boyfriend and he loooooooved it!

  • Mackenzie

    For the first week, mine worked great. Then one day it stayed at 700 steps all day even though I had been on my feet all day. I turned it off and then back on and now it is continuously counting up, even though it is sitting on my dresser. It is currently at 65,432 steps, and still counting. I will definitely be taking this back for a refund.

  • ezrd

    Mine stopped working after the first week. Tried to contact company for return without success. No support. Real disappointment.

    • meeche

      Mine stopped working a couple of weeks after I bought it, replaced it, and now the new one has stopped tracking! Not impressed at all. I will be going back to JCPenney….AGAIN!!!

  • kiddsmom

    I just got my Nuband from a Thanksgiving sale for $32! I only decided to give it a shot for such a cheap price. We will see how it goes.

    • kiddsmom

      Sorry forgot to add it was from JC Penny’s.

      • Ellen

        Got mine from Argos should see how it goes hoping it lasts longer than a week

  • CM

    Should I get this or the Misfit Flash for $24.99?

  • ND1983

    Does anyone else feel like it isn’t tracking steps accurately?

  • RW2010

    How do you reset your information such as your steps and calories burned

  • MCe9690967

    Found the Nuband in JCPenney on Black Friday for $39.99. On top of that, the store was offering a $10. off coupon on anything $10. or more. So actually ended up only paying $29.99.

    • nikka

      I got one also from Goody department store but my time is wrong don’t know how to change it

      • Alexahenry

        I think you just have to sync it to your app on your phone! I did that and it fixed my time! Good luck! ☺️

      • Loretta

        I changed my time by going onto the reminder setting and set the time there without having to set a reminder/alarm. Hope this helps