Kickstarter for Lunar Mission One to Moon

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2014

One of the biggest Kickstarter’s right now is called Lunar Mission One and plans to send a robotic module to land on the Moon, and then drill a hole deeper than ever before to aid scientists. The reason this project is on Kickstarter is to raise money, although it benefits the public thanks to some once in a lifetime rewards to send your memories to the moon.

Lunar Mission One will drill up to 100m into the South Pole of the Moon’s surface and at the every least, the mission will see this module drill at least 10 times deeper than ever before. This area hasn’t been explored by other missions.

The lunar rock is expected to date back around 4.5 billion years and will provide insight never seen before. Thanks to Kickstarter, you can be part of Lunar Mission One if you pledge money and the rewards depend on how much you pledge.

You can see the different reward levels below that vary based on your donation and this money should help move the project to a new phase of development.



The project is also detailed in a video below and on Kickstarter here, which is where you can leave your pledge and join the Lunar Missions Club for exclusive behind the scenes access.

Bottom-line: If you pledge at least £60, you will receive a voucher for your digital memory box that will be left within the time capsule deep within the hole and under the Moon’s surface. Find out more through the Kickstarter project link above and by watching the video below, then leave a comment.

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