GTA V UK PS4 console bundle with Far Cry 4

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V just past its UK release date for PS4 and this has led to some great console bundles on offer that include not only this new title, but also offers at almost nothing extra.

In fact, you can pickup the GTA V PS4 console bundle with Far Cry 4 at Argos UK right now for just under £360. The GTA V PS4 bundle alone costs £350, so this means you get Far Cry 4 for around £10 and this is even more impressive when you consider the game released yesterday.


You can see a screenshot above of the exact offer on Argos with the extras added to your basket. In all, you’ll get a 500GB PS4 with GTA V and the new Far Cry 4 to save around £40 if you placed these orders separately.


The screen above was taken from a reservation at Argos for store pickup within the next 24 hours, although Argos state they will keep this bundle open until November 25, 2014. You can read the latest news about the GTA V PS4 1.02 patch here and Far Cry 4 day-one updates.

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