Dragon Age Inquisition 1.01 Patch notes on PS4

If you thought that GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One was the biggest release this week, Dragon Age fans may have something to say about that. Dragon Age Inquisition is now available to buy and those playing on PS4 will immediately notice that a Dragon Age Inquisition 1.01 Patch is available upon start-up.

We had to install the 1.01 update before we could begin our adventure, but fortunately it’s only a small file and shouldn’t take you long to download – it is a 133.2MB download.

As far as we’re aware, Bioware hasn’t posted the patch notes yet but we have them for below if you don’t know how to access on PS4.


As you can see from our image above, the first Dragon Age Inquisition 1.01 update on PS4 includes some immediate fixes when using Chat in multiplayer mode.

Developers Bioware have also fixed a missing item bug that could sometimes appear during installation, while other minor functionality fixes have arrived – although not specified.

While we are yet to fully explore the world of Thedas, it looks like it could be something special and well worth the wait from Dragon Age II.

We look forward to bringing you our thoughts on the game soon, but in the meantime let us know if you have noticed any differences in the game following on from the 1.01 update.

What would you like to see Bioware address in the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition 1.02 patch on PS4?



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