GTA V PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics winner

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2014

We have already given you an idea of how GTA V PS4 Vs PS3 looks like in a direct comparison. With next-gen versions now available though after a glorious wait, we can bring you the first GTA V PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics showdown so you can decide for yourself on which version looks best.

We knew that Rockstar were aiming for total parity between the two versions, as they confirmed early that the PS4 and Xbox One builds would both be running at 1080p and 30FPS.

Now, you get a chance to see how this translates into the game by watching a graphics analysis video below. It examines Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics in detail, showing you the exact scene running on both platforms simultaneously.


On first impressions, we couldn’t spot any obvious differences between the two – both look the same and both look highly impressive. However, we’ve also seen the feedback on this video with a lot of commenters saying that the Xbox One version ‘clearly looks better’.


Many gamers are saying the same thing on Twitter as well, so it will be interesting to see what you think. Given that the game has been heavily advertized on PS4 rather than Xbox by Rockstar, it’s also interesting to see that many are still picking the Xbox One version as the winner.

In our opinion though, the game looks great from a visual perspective. Rockstar has done a fantastic job with the game so far and we are only hours into the game after launch.


Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Do you agree with what others are saying that the Xbox One versions looks better or completely disagree?

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  • Kyros

    You gotta think ps4 is better but microsoft hasn’t had that much experience as sony with gaming consoles. I belive that one day xbox would actually put up a match with ps


    x box better??!! lol lol you know difference
    between DDR3 and DDR5???

  • Jacob S

    Xbox shows more detail in the ground and background textures, probably DirectX vs OpenGL. It will be interesting to see if DX12 makes a even bigger impact on X1. Sucks tho, I bought this on my PS4 instead of my X1… a great game tho plays smooth on the 4, no FR drops or anything bad to mention.

  • MattS

    Well just crushed blacks again, digital foundry say there’s less foliage and lower quality lens fx on Xbox 1

  • Luis Cantu

    Both are 1080p native and and 30 fps. Xbox one version clearly looks better though.

  • GK15

    I think they look exactly the same. Colors on XB1 version look a touch darker, as with all multi plats. Get it for whichever console you prefer and enjoy

    • GimpStar

      Come on, mate. I am a PS4 gamer and I can see that the Xbone is far better. Which must have been a conscious decision from R* as the PS4 has almost 50% more graphical power.
      They did say “parity” and they must have dumbed the PS4 version down too much. Rockstar can take their “parity” and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Here is one PS4 gamer that will NEVER buy another R* title again. Because if they take away 50% of the goodness, they should at least take away 50% of the price. I had fun with GTAV on the PS3. Have a nice life, Rockstar – I am sure you don’t need PS4 sales anyway.
      I prefer what Bioware have done with Dragon Age. Maximise EACH version according to the platform. If you want the Xbone version, that’s cool, if you buy PS4 version, you are a fool. Simples. Send R* a message that if they want to get bags of cash from MS to gimp Sony versions, then they should see less PS4 sales. Otherwise you are encouraging more gimping for even more money.

      • Scott Lee Clayton

        You sad, sad little man. The only thing that’s “Simples” here is you.

        • GimpStar

          Your logical refuting of my arguments is first class, mate. I would say it was an ad hominem if I thought there was even a remote chance that you knew what that meant. Settle down, I am sure losing my sales won’t kill R* although I spend quite a lot on special editions etc, I am but one out of hundreds of millions. You can tell your debating club friends to buy another copy and R* would be in front right away.

      • GK15

        You can’t honestly believe any of that, can you?

        And I think Dragon Age also looks exactly the same on both. I’m playing it on XB1 and loving it. You might be able to tell the difference between 900p upscaled vs native 1080p if you put your face right up to the screen. Sorry, I don’t game that way.

        • GimpStar

          I have a 100 inch screen that is 1080p. 900p does not scale as well as even 720p in my opinion. I picked up the Inquisitor’s Edition today – can’t wait to play tonight. I don’t care about the other platforms – I just want the best possible PS4 version which Bioware seem to have done. R* did not. I nm only using the Xbone as a benchmark as they have very similar architecture and all but the most rabid fanboys admit the PS4 is more powerful. So if the Xbone version looks clearly better for GTAV, something is up. You said yourself that you cannot tell the difference with Dragon Age, but with GTAV, the Xbone version is clearly better. R* overgimped the PS4.

        • Matt

          100″ 1080p… ew. I bet your getting a hardcore screen door effect.

      • Nick

        Lol….I love how fan boys react when there console loses to the competition.
        Face facts….. The xbox version looks better.
        Sony has beaten the xbox quite a few times now on multi platform games but you don’t see them making absurd comments about it.
        Take it like a man…. This ain’t the first time xbox out performed the ps4 and probably won’t be the last. It’s just about programming and optimisation.
        Seems this time they did a better job on MS system.
        Get over it.
        All in all gta v is a great game no matter what platform you play it on. I had it for my ps3 and it was awesome on that so it must rock on new generation with all there upgrades and first person.
        Just play and enjoy.

        • GimpStar

          It’s all good, mate. I am just saying that R* are either gimping the PS4 or not using its 50% extra TFs efficiently, so I will not be buying a game that I have already played when the only reason would be better graphics. Graphics are not everything and 1080p isn’t everything, but then, what is wrong with leaving it at the PS3 version which I completed. But I stand by my assertion that any dev who produces a WORSE version on a platform with 1.8 TF than a version on a platform with 1.2 TF is either deliberately gimping or just not very competent or lack sufficient resources. Now, R* are clearly not incompetent and do not lack resources, so they are gimping their PS4 version. I am not having a go at you Xboners, my problem is with R*.

        • Jacob S

          I thought X1 was at 1.37 TF now

      • The PS4 isn’t 50% more powerful. You cannot hide that much power difference. Even on its exclusives it doesn’t show that much difference.

      • Jacob S

        That 50% is a paper spec and doesn’t carry over to real world performance as you would think… Esp with GTA being open world which means more AI calculations and that is usually done in the CPU not GPU. X1 with it’s faster clock rate and ddr3 is better at CPU calcs. Both systems are weak in the CPU and is why MS uses remote processing (that GTA isn’t using) and Sony uses GPGPU calcs. Maybe, you should know more about the tech behind the systems before you trash talk a developer. Not to mention Sony is the one who has the deal with RS for GTA, not MS.