GTA V PS4 content cannot be selected

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2014

While most of you have been able to download GTA V on PS4 without a problem, it looks like the PSN is once again playing up for others. We ourselves have been having some issues, with a GTA V PS4 error on PSN which always displays a ‘The content cannot be selected at this time’ error.

We’re not sure what the problem is but if it continues it looks like a disc version of GTA V is our only option. We already told you hours ago that a Day One update had gone live on PS4, but some cannot even get to that stage if the GTA V digital download on PS4 is not working properly.

Below is a message of what we are seeing on our screens, but we understand that a lot of you have been seeing GTA V PS4 error codes as well with different problems.


After having a look online on forums, the common culprits seem to be a GTA V PS4 CE-37700-7 error code, but also a PSN CE-36249-4 error as well – it varies between the two.

So far, we are yet to see Rockstar issue an official statement on the problems that some have had downloading GTA V on PS4. That is likely due to the fact that a lot of people haven’t had issues whatsoever.

There’s six pages of information relating to the same problem on Neogaf though, so it definitely needs to be looked into we feel.

Have you been having any problems with the GTA V PS4 digital version, with messages such as ‘content cannot be selected’?

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  • James Russell

    Rung playstation six times since game release..they keep on saying wait 24 hours with no other offer of help..i’ve waited 36 and still nothing. I want my money back so i can go and buy the disc..but a refund ‘upgrade’ to another level in their office takes 7-10 days. What a joke. I’ve paid the 100 dollars. Refund my money. Never digital pre order again after this mess i will wait for release or buy a physical copy. Sigh. Sorry Gaben.