GTA V CE-32937-4 error plagues PS4 update

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 18, 2014

Those of you running Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 right now might be seeing an CE-32937-4 error code when trying to download an update file. This problem is being seen by those wanting to install another patch, which fixes issues seen since the day one update.

The problem is the fact that you cannot install the new GTA V update thanks to the CE-32937-4 error on PS4. It’s unlikely that the error codes will be the same on PS3 for any update, although there’s certainly issues right now for PS4 owners just purchasing the game for new platforms.


This has led to thousands of gamers hitting social networks like Facebook and Twitter with complaints about the error. It’s not clear if this will be the GTA V 1.02 update, especially considering the 1.01 update only just released. We will have the finer details within the next hour.

One Product Reviews reader said, “I’m getting an error CE-32937-4 on my PS4 when the update tries to download, I have no idea what the patch is for and I cannot play GTA 5 online until this file downloads”.

Are you seeing GTA V display an error CE-32937-4 on PS4 right now and if so, are you not able to play online?

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  • sam pike

    Im in plymouth mine worked strait away but it says the 1.19 patch but theres nothing on it no heists :/

  • Mike

    Yep, keeps saying update failed to install and I get the above error code. Nightmare, I want to play online. London, UK.

    • joker

      but can you play the game offline? Because I’m not even able to start the game…