GTA V cash bonus PS4 redeem code misleads

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 18, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V cash bonus is available to PS4 and Xbox One owners, although there seems to be some upset people that pre-ordered and thought the deal was exclusive if they placed an order early.

In fact, one of the Product Reviews team picked up GTA V on PS4 with a cash bonus today thanks to a redeem code inside. They didn’t pre-order the game on new platforms, but inside the case there’s a flyer stating “claim your $1,000,000 in-game cash.


You can see a screenshot of the 1.6MB download file given after inputting the GTA V cash bonus redeem code on PS4, although you have to do this through the PlayStation Store.

The money is split into $500,000 for Grand Theft Auto V and $500,000 for GTA Online. We have heard about some people not getting their online money and claimed it was missing after waiting some time, but our $500K appeared in GTA Online for PS4 pretty quickly.

GTA V cash bonus misleads after PS4 redeem code – the confusion comes thanks to many of our readers thinking you had to pre-order to receive the extra cash, and the situation seems even more confusing when you see the download is labeled “GTA V: Pre-order Cash Bonus” as well.

Do you think it was fair for people that didn’t pre-order GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One to also receive the pre-order bonus cash?

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  • Lionell Gonzalez

    any of you could tell me , how do i know if i got a redeem code?
    where do i find it?

  • Tony

    I got the download also from the playstation store. But where does the money go for the story mode? Which character gets it?

  • Zack Wooten

    Yet another time I’ve been deceived by Sony. What’s new.

  • Lacerz

    PSN had a pre-order bonus for an extra $300,000 for Grand Theft Auto Online if you pre-ordered by 11/3. So $500,000 for GTA V and $800,000 for GTA Online.

  • Donald Brown

    Some people seem to forget different regions have different time zones it’s the first day of release. N if u don’t have a ps4 shame on u, that’s why I didn’t pre order this time n come 2 find out they tricked everybody into pre ordering n u still get the million. Lmao would feel the same way if my ps3 wasn’t in the closet havnt played since February cause they didn’t release heists I’ll pick my copy bout 4
    Get yo bandz up cause I’m comin 2 take that sh$t old gamer tag was dznutz81drb new gamer tag the blackhand313 add me if ready 2 get it.

    • Ken