GTA V 1.18 update live on PS3, 1.01 Day One on PS4

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2014

It is set to be a very busy day for Rockstar. Most of you should now be pre-loading GTA V on PS4 on digital versions, while those picking up the game on a midnight launch should now have a copy. When you boot up the game though, you’ll notice that a GTA V Day One update on PS4 is available with the GTA V 1.01 PS4 patch at 1.14GB.

On the other hand, we can see that Rockstar has sneakily updated the PS3 version of the game as well. At the time of writing, the GTA V 1.18 update is live as well at 65MB, but unfortunately the contents of the update are missing at the moment.

Most of you who are pre-loading the game, should see a separate GTA V update file on PS4 downloading at the same time. Rockstar has already confirmed this on their support website, by offering the following description:

“A Title Update is available for download on both PS4 and Xbox One, which includes some last tweaks and optimization fixes for game day. In order to experience the game properly, please make sure you install this Update before playing”.

It’s obviously not uncommon to see a Day One patch, as most big games also follow this trend as developers look to put the final touches on their product.


In GTA V’s case, this update could also ensure that there are no compatibility issues either when playing on the PS3 version, which could be a reason why a surprise GTA V 1.18 update is live too.

We were expecting the GTA V 1.18 update to come with Heists, but it is not here yet with Rockstar saying that it will be available in the next major update for next-gen versions.

For now, we are waiting for the GTA V 1.18 patch notes and will update this when we get them. Let us know what is happening with your game on either platform at the moment.

PS4 users, can you confirm the GTA V 1.01 Day One update is live on your system? For those on PS3, what changes have you noticed after installing the GTA V 1.18 patch?

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  • 8L00D=TH1R$T

    I have a ps3 and i was really REALLY expecting the online heists and some of the contents in gta V ps4 edition and was like so mad at R* and if they see this post they should really really really REALLY PUT A MASSIVE UPDATE!!!!!

  • L1NDTR0M_

    And lazer missiles can lock on to other players lol did all these people commenting not even play online? These are useful fixes. And the comments about increased car durability and the enhanced minimap enlargement mechanism are all true

  • L1NDTR0M_

    And helicopters can lock on to other players while they’re in their vehicles on gta online lol

  • L1NDTR0M_

    And Also on ps3, when players are in helicopters on gta online they show up as helicopters on your minimap

    • Wec

      This has been there since patch 1.17

  • L1NDTR0M_

    On ps3, hedges that you can drive through move when you hit them now

    • Fode

      They have done that since the game was released

      • L1NDSTROM_

        Not on my ps3

  • Fuckboy613

    I updated my PS3. No new content

  • maxy

    Nothing has happened on ps3 with 1.18 it must just be a patch

  • Weshaven

    The update was a hotfix for GTA Online that prevents issues with player vehicle data. Calm down.

  • alexloks


  • Shablamaflam

    I noticed my car trailing gas as I drove after getting shot by the cops. Then ran out of gas and stalled out.

  • gooneh

    the lag when you hit down to expand your mini map appears to have been fixed with this latest update, am about to check if its gone from races when you check your split times, hopefully

  • J

    Too late f GTA and rock star going to a game that delivers what they promise Far cry 4.

    • FranticShooting

      Ironic since they realised Watch Dogs as well. Your statement is invalid

  • Dalonad

    R* has a lot on their plate. Have patience people.

    • ChuckNorris2

      We’ve been patient for a year now waiting for something good to come from this game… R* has not delivered… I haven’t played the game in months because of the repetitive bullsh!t in this game…

  • ChuckNorris

    I have the PS3 and though the update did nothing, there’s no need to flip out. It was ONLY 65mb, takes 60 seconds or less to download and install. 65mb… it might be something in preparation to reveal something even bigger than 65mb.

  • Ghosted3000

    things are going down hill on gtav online I herded several people form 10 lobby’s so 70 people are think about never playing gtav again, because of what’s happened with 1.18 and I am starting to agree with them.

    • Dalonad

      Good riddance. Enjoy call of duty

  • Ghosted3000

    nothings changed for ps3. I am actremily pissed at the moment I want the right update and fixs asap.

  • Davidus

    Actually on Ps3 nothing is changed, but i noticed a new default suit for Michael Townley and better damages for vehicols.

    Can someone confirm my feedback?

    • beingshawaiz

      Yeah, I noticed better damage for the vehicles with this update too..I thought i was the only one.

  • TW

    any news on the 360 update? or lack thereof it would appear?

  • MetalDick

    1.18 should have come out on halloween. they release some garbage for valentines day and not halloween. maybe by 2016 wel get heists

    • FranticShooting

      Next major update will probably be in 2015. Cross your fingers

  • pissedgamerz

    I had many issues downloading update and just to find out its useless nothing has been added or changed if somthing doesnt happen soon with heists this game is gone to grabage been waiting a year last gta i ever buy

  • random pro

    Is it me or ppl are getting error message i cant download 1.18

  • X_iPr0-ShotTz_X

    Plus it is still quite concerning that rockstar have not really added any information about whats going to happen, well not as far as I know of

  • X_iPr0-ShotTz_X

    I got home from school, did the 1.18 update on ps3 and got nothing, apparently the 1.18 was just a fix, however we were promised new vehicles and weapons and all that stuff…. what’s happening man we want some new stuff

    • Shaun Phillips

      RS usually tells us what the update is about. There is always something on the newswire about what has been fixed or added. I think it something else.

  • c lloyd

    PS3, errors in missions, missing structures, not retaining clothes when changing, not keeping vehicles when it should, like after returning a wallet. It’s not good. Very frustrating

  • drama1209

    Ps3 noticed iy doesn do that pause when expanding mini map

  • Do I sense disappointment? Yes, I believe I do sense disappointment.

    • The Snitchfather

      Well youre accurate to 100%

  • eri

    i love how stupid you all are. NOVEMBER 18TH so tomorrow is when you will see changes

    • Miez

      In Germany we have the 18. right now!

    • rick rick

      guess what ass hole it’s November 18th and no changes!

      • ChuckNorris

        Chill out

    • ChuckNorris

      Exactly, people are flipping out for nothing.

  • tommy29

    There ain’t nothing new…I been waiting since 6am n nothing guess they about to forget about us p3 users so we gota grip up a p4

    • gag

      nope, I have mine and I’m on ps3. Be patient, they’ve said plenty of times were all getting the updates

    • TheTruthHurts

      I installed mine on PS3 last night around 8:30, so 12 hours ago roughly. I haven’t noticed any changes.

  • Ty

    There is gas that leaks from cars?

    • Ty

      When you shoot a car gas leaks. Maybe I just didn’t notice this before? Or is this new?

      • tommy29

        Its been there …I’m sure

      • TheTruthHurts

        It’s been there but I played through the game like 40 hours my first time without noticing you could do that.

  • Julian McGuire Pot Farmer

    my game is 1.17 and when i go to check for updates it says “The latest version is installed” WTF is this?

  • The Snitchfather

    Lol nice lie, theres not even a patch

    • TheTruthHurts

      Yes there is, you just might not have it yet for some reason. It doesn’t seem to do anything.

      • The Snitchfather

        Ive already installed it, what a waste of 65MB

        • TheTruthHurts

          I don’t disagree haha. Hopefully we get the big update soon.

        • The Snitchfather

          I doubt that, rockstar is full of bullsh*t.

        • kojaxz

          Eat a boul of Dicks Rocksta!

  • SamDaLamb

    I notice that there are now semis that can carry and transport new cars

  • RockstarUNOFFICIAL

    Patch 1.18, Rockstars ‘major’ update does not include anything new!! HA

    • The Snitchfather

      Welcome back to the nerve braking part of gta online, where rockstar releases sh*t patches, but no dlc for their game.

  • w4rl0cks wlmc v.p

    Nothing on ps3 thats new after the update

    • gag


      • chumpy

        then whats the update for? lol